Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Piano Recital 2013

These kids LOVE their piano teacher! She is such an amazing teacher and has such a gift with motivating our kids.  Brynlee was wanting to quit and so when I called her she asked if she could take Bryn for ice-cream and then over to the piano book store and look for some books she might enjoy playing.  Now who does that for their students?  
Only Alicia Freeman!!!

The Polar Express 2013

 Grandma Joy and Papa wanted to have Tiff's little boy Zen go on a "real" train because he is obsessed with them.  So we all went and it was so much fun.  Watching the expressions of each one of the kids was priceless.  Zen was full of information when it came to the train.  My kids loved being with these little cousins and it was well worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Go Brighton!

The kids wanted to go to the Brighton High Football playoffs and so I let them get out of school early and go down to the Utah Utes stadium for the big game. 
It was so stinking cold! 

Beauty is pain!

Sydney wanted her grandma Joy to straighten her hair from an old perm. Grandma used solution to straighten it. Syd went downstairs to rinse it out and used that same towel that had the solution all over it and dried over her face.  All of a sudden she started to get red and then started swelling up.  Her chin got so swollen and started to blister.  I was so worried that we might have to take her into the Dr. but after some benedryl she started getting better.  She had some scabs for about a week.  
Beauty is pain!!!

Morgans 14th birthday- She loved it!

Morgan had her 14th birthday party and we decided to make an annual tradition for all our kids that they can have a sleepover party when they turn 14.  We choose too not let our kids have sleepovers, only late nights and so this was really exciting for Morgan.  Because she loves owls we decided to make these invites. She had it in the basement of our new home.  There is a little kitchen and so she had glass jars with treats, popcorn, and snow cones.  They watched movies on the wall and just hung out. Because I left them alone I didn't take any pictures and I was so sad because it looked so cute.
 She loved it! 

My mom was up here during that time visiting our grandparents and so they wanted to treat her to dinner at her most favorite place to eat, and also most expensive. Red Lobster!
She loved it!

NEW Birthday Tradition...

Now that I 'm living back in Utah I decided to make my friends, (or should I say Sisters) birthday a tradition that we get away from our families and party all weekend.  We went to a cheap hotel and we ate good food, relaxed, and laughed until we wet our pants. 

I had a little theme for her birthday. It was an SDH party for her big 51…
For many of you this won't make any sense but for those few you will know exactly what kind of party we threw:) 

I got some brownies with a fake piece of poop in the middle:)

She bought us some matching pi's to wear and we had the best time ever. 
I will forever be thankful for my friendship with Alissa.  Thanks for being that big sis I never had. My mom was right when she told me I would get to hand pick them:)!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Halloween 2013



Shannon had been out of town to China on business and then we had been to St. George so it felt like we had not seen him for a really really long time.  The kids were so excited to see him.  I think one way that I know I have the best hubby ever is because when he is gone, it is noticed by all of us!  He truly is an amazing father.  He is so fun, dancing around the house, flirting with me to get a reaction from the kids, and the "time" he spends with the kids. He loves to play board games or just sit and watch Their shows. He has personal interviews with them once a month to sit and talk about life.  He truly wants the very best for them. I will always be thankful for that young man who was working with my mom at Shoney's Restaurant so many years ago...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


My mom knows how much I hate it and so one day she brought me a plaque with this quote from Thomas S Monson. 

"If you are still in the process of raising children, be aware that the piles and piles of 
will disappear all too soon and that you will , to your surprise,  miss them profoundly".

Thanks Mom...

Go Utes???

Preston got to go to the Utah football game with his dad.  Sydney was not very happy because she is a BYU girl through and through.  I must admit that I am too:). So we aren't sure we want to cheer them on. Preston changes his mind on which team he likes the most. I think it depends on his friends and their influence. In our old neighborhood we had a lot of Ute fans which I think may have changed him from blue to red.  Little Stinker!!!  I love these pics.
 So thankful that I have my boys!

Nothing is better than Grandma!!!

I love this granny so much.  She has diabetes and was so excited to have a real Coke with her lunch.  She stays so disciplined most of the time and so its so cute to watch her when she cheats.  She sips on it and acts like she has died and gone to heaven.  I am so thankful to live right up the street from her now.  I love our outs to Walmart, Smiths, 
or to lunch. I love the things I learn from her.  As she has been getting older she has shared that it is hard. It takes a lot of courage.  She told me that a few years ago she was driving home from the grocery store feeling sorry for herself. She hates all the stupid things she says and does as she gets old. She then said that she had this warm feeling come into her heart and she knew and felt the love that Heavenly Father had for her.  I was so thankful that she shared that with me.  I will cherish this memory forever.  She is so special. 
There is nothing better than Grandma!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Friendships are Blooming

I love this picture of my girls and some of their friends from Young Women's. They walked home from church together and took this photo.  It is so nice for them to have a larger group of girls. In Oklahoma there was only a few and then when we moved to Cottonwood Heights there was even fewer which was a big surprise to us coming back to Utah.  Their first Sunday they were welcomed with hugs and it made the transition so easy.

Morgan has such a fun group of friends.  She is blessed because none of them get jealous of one another. None of them talk behind backs.  They all get along great.  I hope this never changes because it is fun for all of them.  This picture was taken after a Brighton High football game. I told them I would take them to In-n-Out if they won the game.  So I put down my seats in the van and loaded them all in and they sang to music the whole way there.  It was fun to chaperone all these great kids!
It is nice to see friendships blooming!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


This was a very special evening.  Yes- because we got to go to the Conference Center and listen to our General Women's Presidency's as they testified of our Savior Jesus Christ, womanhood, and our role as mothers. But more because I was with my mom.  I have been away from my mom for most of my married life and so to be able to live within 4 1/2 hours from my mom has been a treat.  It was special to be in this setting among thousands of women with her by my side.  
So thankful that she could be with me:) 

2013…St.George Trip

This is why it is bad to get so behind on blogging.  I want to say we went to St. George because Shannon's cousin Jenny was getting married.  But I had to post these fun memories of being with cousins. Going to Lunch, Having a treat at Swig, and Sydney having fun playing Photographer.  She really does a great job!




         WHO GROW UP


2013… Tammy's celebration


I have always loved my grandma Hansen's side of the family.  My grandma grew up with 5 sisters and 1 brother.  The sisters were very close. Always getting together for Education days and later on they began having sister parties in my grandparents Nephi home.  They were talented.  Singing, playing instruments, poetry, skits, and just plain out being their funny selves.
My Grandma Hansen is one of 3 sisters that are still living.  
Aunt Sara and Aunt Wilma and Grandma.
This picture is special to me for lot's of reasons. Because this is a few of my Aunt Jeanies daughters who lost their mom less than a year ago, and they sang at my wedding reception an have always been role models to me.  They live such Christ Centered lives and always have a hug and a smile. This was a special day because my moms cousin Tammy who is in the pink shirt has been battling breast cancer and was finally in remission. She wanted to come to Paragonah and celebrate by singing with her family. My Grandma Hansen was so excited about it and it worked out perfect because we were heading down to St.George that same weekend. So she came with us and then went home with my parents who were going up North in preparation for my moms knee surgery. My Aunt Wilma, in the wheelchair, has always had a sense of humor and you can tell as she is posing for this picture.   A side note now that we are in 2014. Tammy and her husband are now serving a mission in England.

2013… Preston was baptized Aug.31 2013

A few days after getting the keys to our home Preston was Baptized as a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints. We chose to do it in our ward that we were moving from.  We loved our ward family!  It was a very special day.  His sisters gave talks on baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost and his cousins sang a primary song.  It was so neat to have our family and friends there to support him.  After he was confirmed he sat down and the tears started to stream down his little cheeks. He felt the spirit and it was a very tender moment as I put my arm around him and let him know to always remember those feelings because they are the whisperings of the spirit letting him know that what he did was right.  After the baptism we had a nice family dinner in the cultural hall with Prestons favorite meal, Spaghetti and french bread.  And another favorite of his is Chocolate sheet cake. Preston handed out chocolate covered pretzels that said 
"Thank you for helping me hold to the iron rod".
I know that it takes a village to raise our kids and I am forever thankful for all of you who have influenced our family for good!!! 
We are blessed.

Catching up on 2013...Moving on the first day of school

We got the keys the day before the kids started school.  It was very busy and stressful trying to pack and make sure kids got to school on time.  The younger kids started at a new Elementary.  They have had so much change over the last 3 years.  I hope we can finally settle down.

First day of school and guess who started Kindergarten?  
Sofie girl!!!

Boy was I one  HAPPY momma…

Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Preston

Preston had a birthday at Chuckee Cheeses.  It was an easy way to celebrate for a great price!  With the money he got for his birthday he went out and got himself a new bike.  I can't believe that my baby boy is already 8 years old!  They are all just growing up way too fast.

Trek on Morgan

So glad that Morgan had the opportunity to go to Trek with our Stake before moving.  She has such a positive attitude, most of the time and I know this wasn't easy for her but she kept that cute smile on her face.  She told us that the most spiritual part of the Trek was when they had the "Women's pull".  The men stood at the top of a steep hill with their hats off as they watched from afar as the women and girls pulled carts up a very steep hill.  The men were singing a hymn to encourage them and Morgan said she had to look down because all the boys and men were just crying.  Her testimony grew and she said she is so thankful for her ancestors who had the faith to keep going.  Sometimes when my life seems hard I honestly feel my ancestors pushing me along telling me to just keep going.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Our little miracle

A week before going to Oklahoma to help my friend Rose with her knee surgery we had a RS leadership Sunday Social.  It was nice to sit in the Sharp's backyard 
and enjoy eating homemade
 ice cream and visiting with our ward family.  The subject of us buying a home in the neighborhood came up, as it often did.  Our sweet Bishop Davis was always letting us know when a house was listed. We loved the neighborhood, the schools for our kids, the commute for Shannon's job.  We were trying to be patient and wait for something to come available.  We also didn't know if we could purchase due to our short sale 41/2 years ago.  As we were going home we saw a home on Parkridge that we thought we should call on.  After looking we knew it would need quite a bit of work for the price but it started making Shannon think about ways for us to come up with a down payment through some of his investments. This got me so excited and hopeful.  I had recently had to leave church in tears as the lesson was on blooming where your planted.  I cried because I wanted to bloom but didn't feel planted.  We have been moving and renting quite a bit since Shan was laid off in Arizona.  I was ready to settle down. So I started really looking on line.  While I was in Oklahoma I saw this home in this photo.  I LOVED IT!!!  I called Shannon and told him that they were having an open house on it the next day, (Saturday). When I called Shan to see what him and the kids thought he said that I would probably like it.  He told me that the kids really liked it and that we would come see it again on Sunday when he picked me up from the airport.  He was right.
That night all I could think about was this home.  It is only 9 blocks East of my grandparents who I love so much. I help them a few times during the week and so it would make me that much closer to them.  It was around the corner from my Best Friend Alissa's work.  I couldn't believe it.   The home was move in ready.  It had been remodeled, had a kitchen downstairs with a good sized bathroom, and 3 bedrooms.  I was so hopeful.  Monday the relater called and told Shan that someone had put an offer on the home.  This meant that we had to hurry and decide if we wanted to as well.  YES YES YES. I was so happy that Shan would have to make a decision fast or he would never make one:)  The poor guy was sick to his stomach and white as a ghost.  He didn't feel as "good" as I did. After coming home we were all so happy except for him.  I went out with my friend Alissa for a bit and then the kids called me in tears saying that daddy had backed out of the offer and when I talked to him he said he calculated our finances wrong and it wasn't going to work.  It was a horrible night at the Wilson home.  Kids cried and cried.  Morgan said "I fasted and prayed and felt so good about that house. How could it not work out"? I was trying not to be angry, sad, mad, you name it.  I was not wanting to make Shannon feel any worse than he already did.  I don't think he got much sleep that night and I know I didn't. 
The next morning was a stormy day and our power was out.  I went to the kitchen poured me a bowl of cereal and opened my scriptures.  I started reading about being patient in afflictions.  I knew this was what I needed to hear.  I needed more patience because I just wanted it right now!  Morgan came into the kitchen to eat and I told her what I was thinking.  Soon after, I felt like I should call my brother Tyler for some advice.  He said "Tell Shannon to call me, you guys can make it work".  I called Shannon at work and he said he would, but was really busy.  
We got ready to take Brynlee over to my friend Alissa's for a perm that she had been begging for.  All the kids were with me except for Syd.  She was babysitting.  On the drive I was still feeling heavy hearted so I put in my church CD.  Church music always makes me feel better.  I asked Morgan to say a prayer on our way over to her house just because all of the kids were feeling sad.  It was a sweet prayer.  She asked for understanding and for patience and that daddy would be comforted as he works so hard to provide for our family.  As we were driving my cell phone rang. It was Shan.  He asked what I was doing and I told him.  I asked if he got ahold of my brother and he said yes.  He then said "I got called in to my bosses office".  My heart sank as I replied "why"?  He explained that his boss wanted to thank Shannon for how hard he has been working and felt it was time to give him a raise.  This was our answer!!! I began to cry.  Morgan started to cry, and the kids just all started cheering!!!  Morgan said something that I will always treasure.  "I was beginning to doubt the Lord because it felt so right as I fasted, but now I know that He is really there for me".  If this is why we had to go through all this, then it was worth just that.  That Morgan could receive an answer and her testimony could be strengthened.  Shan then contacted the realtor and was told that the other couple had not committed and so we could continue moving forward if we wanted to.  Of course to me this was all working out because it was the right home for us, but Shannon was still not convinced. UGH!!!   

Bryns Perm turned out so cute.  She had to share some hair with her daddy:)

SO this story will continue later in another post...