Saturday, January 28, 2012


So my parents come up once a month to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Hansen.  We LOVE it because this means that we get to see them too:)  Any chance we get to be with them is well worth it.  I must admit I am a mommas girl.  I talk to her most everyday and sometimes up to 4 times (or more) in a day. So they came to Prestons Jr. Jazz basketball game this morning.  Preston was so excited that he even woke me up at 6:15am wondering if it was time to get ready.  His game wasn't until 9:30am so let's just say it was a very long morning...  

Preston was very happy to have some cheerleaders there for his game!

Alissa and Tyler were so sweet to get up out of the warm bed and come cheer him on.  He was very happy that they were coming!

Grandmas giving Preston a thumbs up!  

and Papa is giving him some skin...

So I want to take a minute and talk about this guy!
You see he is pretty special because he is the worlds best step dad. I really don't like to even say that.  Lets just say he is another special dad in my life. He is so much FUN!    He is about to have a birthday this week and I hope it is as special as he is.  He is selfless, gentle, tender, quick humored, strong, faithful, and loves the Lord and his family.  I don't think it gets better than that? 

He is also the worlds best Papa!  Our kids light up when they see him.

To top off the night we enjoyed going out to Red Lobster with Great Grandma and Grandpa Hansen and Grandma Joy and Papa.  When we were getting ready to move from Oklahoma to Salt Lake we had just missed the traditional "Fish Dinner" that my grandparents have every Christmas.  They told us that because we missed it they wanted to make it up to us by taking us out.  What a treat. Sydney missed out because she was babysitting down the street.  She was very excited to come home with $20 bucks! Morgan was helping her but left early because she wasn't going to miss out on this dinner.  Morgan was so HAPPY!  She loves shrimp...  She got the ultimate feast and said " I am getting the Ultimate feast because this is an ULTIMATE ocassion".  We all cracked up.  
What a weekend full of FUN this was!


Girls night out going to the Utah/Byu Gymnastics meet.  First things first girls love to EAT.  So we went to the Corner Bakery and it was so good.  Their potato soup was so yummy...

We went with these two ladies from our ward and their girls.  It was so nice to get to know them better and to enjoy an out that I was so ready for.

We ended up clear at the top but nobody seemed to care.  It was very Fun as we were surrounded by RED...  The Utes gymnasts are very talented and I was surprised at the support they get. Over 13,000 people were there.  These girls were so excited to cheer on their Cougars!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TERRIFIC Tuesday and WONDERFUL Wednesday!

Terrific Tuesday with her "new friends"!  Sofie has two new friends and she is so EXCITED to have play days every Tuesday with them.  How did she meet them you ask?

Because of this lady right here.  If only I had more time to tell you about my bestest friend Alissa and how we met 14 years ago.  Well,  I will tell you she is the worlds bestest grandma too.  Every Tuesday she watches her grandaughter Taylor and also Taylors friend Brynlie.  So she has now invited Ms. Sofie which will make it 3!  You see Alissa is always thinking of others and serving.  So of course she wants to give me a break and let me have a few hours to myself.  I think she is CRAZZZZY!!! 
(well I already knew that)

This is Alissa's oldest son Tyler.  He is Taylors daddy.  He was sporting a shirt from our state of Oklahoma!  Go Sooners!!!  I had no idea that he was a Sooners fan.  Oh- and did you notice that bandaid on his nose?  Oh- and did you notice the black eyes?  No he didn't get in a fight but it sure looks like it.  Pour guy is having some seizures and they are not sure why.

So here comes TROUBLE...  Look at those faces!

Wonderful Wednesday was not so wonderful at 8:00 am when my two little rug rats were crying at my feet that they were bored.  I had enough come 11:00 and we went to the rec. center for a swim.

They had so much fun!  I think this will be an every Wednesday outing from now on.  We cleaned up and got Little Ceasars pizza for a quick lunch before running Preston to Kindergarten and then came home ...

and look who is SLEEPING!!!  
Ohhh what a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY after all...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Once there was a SNOWMAN...

These two munchkins were up and at them by 7:30 am!!!  I had dropped Morgan off at the bus stop after clearing the snow from the van.  Remember from previous posts that I mentioned our Lemon Home?  Well, the garage door wouldn't open and so we have been parking outside.  Little did I know or I guess think that it might snow.  So Preston and Sofie greeted me as I pulled into the driveway.  They were all smiles.  Preston had a ladder out ready to clear the snow from the top of the van.  He said " Mom I should make a sign that says I can clean the snow off your car"!!!  then he added ".25 cents... with a giggle"...  I sure love this boy.  He has been so good to shovel the snow off the driveway.  That was especially helpful when daddy was out of town last week.

I feel like I am still so behind around my home but I decided I need to relax and take a minute to play with the kids.  It felt so good to be outside in the crisp air and enjoying the morning view of my mountains.  It makes me happy to be HOME!

That face melts me... 

Preston was so excited to dress the snowman in his Utah Jazz Jersey...
Go Jazz!!!

One CUTE toothless Boy!!!

So as we were getting ready for school Preston and sofie were doing their usual morning routine of playing, teasing, and rough housing.  Preston had a rope in his mouth and was trying to pull Sofie on a sled . (Yes- in the house) Sofie stood up and jumped out of the sled and then back on and it pulled the rope right out of Prestons mouth and loosened his tooth that was already loose.  So leave it to our future dentist.  Sydney really would love to be a dentist some day.  She got her hands right in there and look what happened...

We had one CUTE toothless boy. He was so happy 
and couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to come.  
With daddy out of town I was nervous that the tooth fairy 
might not make it:)  But by my surprise she pulled through. 
 Thank goodness the tooth fairy has some 12 year old helpers ...           

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who loves him the most?

It is almost the month of February and those that know me know how much I LOVE this holiday!!!  I love to think of creative ways to let my hubby know how much I love him. (any ideas- please share)  Look at this picture and you can see why I love him so much.  
He is such a great daddy!!!

He even wore purple on the same day as Morgan. (Not planned, of course)  He told her it looked like they were going to Sadie Hawkins together.  I had to take this picture because it was too sweet! She just recently admitted to me that she has a crush on her dad.  I loved it!!!  But I have news for her...  My crush is deeper and
 I will always love him MOST!!!

Another D.A.R.E graduate!!!

Isn't she so cute???  She was so excited about this.  I remember Morgan being excited for this as well.  What a great program to teach kids the importance of refraining from Drugs and Alcohol.  Syd had to quickly get through a packet of worksheets in order to graduate because of our move.  She brought it home and did it all in one night.

She had a part in her program and she did fabulous!

Love these girls!!!  Lindsay and Brooke came to support her.  They were yelling and screaming and they were not supposed to.  It emberassed Syd and was very funny.  These two are my friend Alissa's daughters.  I remember when they were in elementary.  Now look at them...

Lindsay came over so she could see Morgan when she got home from school.  Morgy was like Lindsays little baby when she was born.  Morgan is now taller than her:)  This picture is so sweet!  I am so thankful for Lindsay and Brooke and their examples and influence on my girls.  They look up to them. In fact- Sydney had to do her hair exactly like Brooke the next day for school.  SO CUTE!

Happy reunion!

This picture just makes me laugh because I thought my friend Alisa was smiling and she thought I was smiling and of course look at us!!!  This was a very HAPPY reunion as the Adams were our friends in Oklahoma.  They followed in our foot steps:)  and moved to Utah.  Her husband got a job and we couldn't be happier!!!

Preston loves these boys!!!

and Sofie loves this boy!!!

Making memories in our new LEMON...

Shannon and I have decided our new home is nothing but a Lemon.  We have had bathtubs and toilets flood into our basement.  Our electrical outlets are all messed up.  The dishwasher really stinks. Our kitchen sink leaks.  But you know what is so great about all of this???  I LOVE IT!!!

It is filled with happy kids that have some sweet new friends...

Sydney and her friend Savannah are so much alike it is too much FUN!

This picture will give you really bad dreams if you have any fears of clowns:)

These next few pictures didn't turn out so good.  It was on a Sunday and I had the stomach flu really bad.  Our first visitors from Arizona came by for a visit while they were here for their first grandchilds blesssing.  Emily is their youngest and she was my babysitter and the best I ever had!  She was my adopted oldest child and we were so HAPPY to see her. 

The Barwicks were in our ward and Shannon served with Brother Barwick in the Bishopric.  Such an awesome family and it is always fun to see them.

The girls were showing Emily our scrapbook that was made from our friends the Hackers:)  Such fun memories from Oakie Land...

Prestons friend Libby is so cute.  She was our neighbor when we lived in Salt Lake before our move to Oklahoma.  She and Preston play so cute together.  They went sledding on the school playground.

Look at Bryns red hands.  She forgot her gloves:(  She didn't care she was having too much fun.  Bryn loves adventure and truly has always loved the snow.  Maybe she will be our skier.

I love this picture!  Libby is such a good sport:)

Sofie went around the house after her bath like this.  What a momma!!!

This is Morgan at our new favorite place.  The Cottonwood Heights recreation center.  We go almost every night.  We go swimming, walk the track, play wally ball (indoor Volleyball) raquet ball and ice skating.  This was our first time ice skating and by the end of the night we were pretty excited even with blisters and all.

Love this picture!!!

Syd had a few falls- but always with a SMILE!

So much fun!  Regardless of our new Lemon we sure are having fun making memories!!!