Friday, June 11, 2010

A swim with Granny Joy

We had so much fun today swimming with our Granny Joy. The kids never wanted to leave. Especially Sofie. She loves the water. I was just like this as a kid. They used to call me Trish the Fish.  I think that Sofie has turned into a little fish herself. Either that or a red lobster because when we got her back to grandmas she was pretty sunburned.  I don't think the Sunscreen worked today because we all got a little fried!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Do I need to make an excuse for why Sofie has bed head and it looks like a birds nest at 11:30 am? My sister in law, Shelly was laughing so hard and all I could say was Baby #5...

They're Hired!

These little boys are nothing but trouble. Today I decided to keep them busy with washing my car. They loved it! They were the best car washers in town! They're Hired! Preston just loves to be with his Boy Cousins!

Girls Just wanna have FUN!

These girls love any chance they have to be together.
When the cousins get together we have so much fun. Last night they had a sleep over at Grandmas and they had the giggles and would not settle down until Aunt Tricia had to go be a party pooper and tell them to get to bed. We are so blessed to have had our girls all together so that they can have all these fun memories as they grow up. We are just missing cute little Camry in Sacramento.  We love and miss you Camry! Good luck on your play in a couple weeks. We are thinking about you.


Happy 65th Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!!! What a special day this was to honor two of my most favorite people. If you want to hear a love story with a happily ever after this would be them.  They are glued to the hip and are so sweet to one another. My grandpa calls my grandma precious and that she is.  She waits on him hand and foot and they both depend on one another. My Grandpa is soon 87 and my Grandma will soon be 85. We are so blessed to have them still with us and we treasure these moments!  Our kids were so happy to see their Grandma Joy and Papa and to be with cousins. YES- this was worth the 20 hour drive!

Tender Mercy

What a Tender Mercy this was. Shannon had just expressed on our way into Salt Lake that he would love to see Brynden Holman while we were here. He said that it probably wouldn't work out because how would we find him. So we went to get our kids haircuts and lunch and here come missionaries on their bikes.  No it wasn't Elder Holman but it was two Elders who we waved down.  We asked them if they knew Elder Holman and they said no but that they could make a call and find out if they could get a phone number for us. After a few minutes they had a number and Shannon called and we were able to meet him close to our old neighborhood by a snowcone shack.  Oh how fun it was to see him.  He was a youth when Shannon served in the bishopric in our Arizona ward.  How we enjoyed having him come over for visits.  We were so excited when he got his call and it was to Salt Lake right in the area we were living in at the time. Then we moved to Oklahoma just a couple months before he arrived. We are so happy that he is on a mission.
We love you Elder Holman!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The kids were so excited to see their friends from the old neighborhood.  It was such a blast from the past. A big Thank you to all our wonderful friends for letting us come and tear up the neighborhood for a quick minute on our way to St.George. Oh how hard it is to come HOME.                      We Love you!

Our Journey West...

We made it!  20 hours later and we made it to Salt Lake. Our kids were AMAZING! They couldn't have done any better. It was actually very fun.  I never thought I would say that. Me and Shannon were able to really enjoy eachother and have some time to actually talk. I love this guy. He is so fun and I love any ounce of time I have to be with him.  He is sacraficing alot as he is only going to be with us to get us there and then get us home.  He gets to work while the rest of us enjoy being with family and friends.  I am so lucky! The kids were ready for a hotel and a little swim after about 14 hours in the car.  The next morning at 2:30 am we loaded the kids back in the car for our last 6 hours of the drive. They slept and we drove and it went so fast. Before we knew it we were there! When we entered the Salt Lake Valley I said to the kids "lets all scream, we made it"! So all the kids let out this scream and our little Sofie started to cry and she said "Your Mean Mommy". It was so sad and yet quite funny!

Catching Fire Flies and Saying goodbye to Elder Morrison

The night before leaving for our Utah trip we went and said Good Bye to Elder Morrison.  We will miss this missionary. He was Prestons little side kick. We realize how hard this will be as the missionaries will come and go. We want to have a book with all the missionaries that we will meet while we live here in Grove. We wish Elder Morrison nothing but the best and look forward to Elder Sattler and Elder????  While visiting we were outside and we started seeing all these bugs that were lighting up. Preston was so fascinated by them. He loved catching those fire flies. It really is a very cool thing!

Guess whos feet???

So if you could guess who's feet you think these are who would it be? Here is a clue...Notice the worm near the toes?  Does that help?  Yes this is Pedicure Preston. His sister Sydney wanted to have a little summer fun painting toes and he could not be left out. He was proud of his pink toes! Oh how we love having a boy in our family

Monday, June 7, 2010

Celebrating Memorial Day...

Summer has begun...

These are some photos of our summer fun.  We have enjoyed having a lake in our back yard and sweet neighbors who let us use their dock to enjoy their paddle boat and cool off.  The humidity is killing all of us. They say it gets worse. What will we ever do? They say you know it is bad when you wake up and your hair is sticking to your face.  That will be a cute photo for the blog:)

End of year programs and graduations!

Happy days for all the kids.  They had their end of year programs and graduations and so we spent two entire days enjoying and celebrating with our kids.  They have all adjusted to the schools here in Grove.  We have been so impressed with the schools and are proud of our kids for all their accomplishments.


So this morning I asked Preston to grab his socks and get his shoes on and we ran out the door.  It wasn't until I kissed him goodbye and he hopped out of the van that I noticed his choice of socks.  I was laughing so hard.  He grabbed his church socks with dogs on them. I guess I can't complain when he did what I asked.
Way to go Mr.Independant!!!

MMA Family night with the missionaries

Morgan was in charge of our FHE lesson. We knew the missionaries were coming over for dinner.  She thought it would be funny to plan a lesson around MMA because the missionaries love MMA fighting. (Before mission life:)  So she titled her lesson Missonary Minded Actions.  After the lesson the Elders brought over their gloves and the kids started to duke it out. By the end dad was breaking up fights and there were a few tears.  It was pretty funny.  Thank you Elders for the spirit you bring into our home:)