Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love Lunch Dates

My mom and Papa have been coming up once a month and it is always fun to be with them. It is usually a quick lunch date here and there because most of their time is spent helping out with my grandparents.  Look at Sofie and her Papa. They are always teasing each other.  In fact, she wanted me to write in his birthday card "I hope you won't tease me"...
All I can say is good luck Sofie! 

Sofie and I get to have "lunch dates" every couple weeks with my cute little granny who I just LOVE and Sofie LOVES even more...  a few days ago, out of nowhere she said... "I miss Grandma Hansen". I explained to her that they have been in Nephi and she then said... "No Fair"!!!  I am so thankful for the memories we share with family.  It is the simple little "Lunch Dates" that have always been a memory I share with my Granny.