Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Preston

Preston had a birthday at Chuckee Cheeses.  It was an easy way to celebrate for a great price!  With the money he got for his birthday he went out and got himself a new bike.  I can't believe that my baby boy is already 8 years old!  They are all just growing up way too fast.

Trek on Morgan

So glad that Morgan had the opportunity to go to Trek with our Stake before moving.  She has such a positive attitude, most of the time and I know this wasn't easy for her but she kept that cute smile on her face.  She told us that the most spiritual part of the Trek was when they had the "Women's pull".  The men stood at the top of a steep hill with their hats off as they watched from afar as the women and girls pulled carts up a very steep hill.  The men were singing a hymn to encourage them and Morgan said she had to look down because all the boys and men were just crying.  Her testimony grew and she said she is so thankful for her ancestors who had the faith to keep going.  Sometimes when my life seems hard I honestly feel my ancestors pushing me along telling me to just keep going.