Monday, June 25, 2012


Preston is getting so TALL these dayz...


Sydney turns 11!

Our Sydney came home from a fun day out shopping with her mom, grandma, and sister Morgan to a bedroom decorated by her friend Savannah. 
What a great surprise!

She was so HAPPY:)

A BIG thanks to Savannah for thinking of Syd and going above and beyond to make her day extra special.  This was Syd's family year and it was on a Sunday. So we took her on a shopping spree to the new City Creek mall and she found some new shoes and shorts and ended her day with a white chocolate cinnamon sugar carmeled apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

On Sunday we had her favorites for dinner and then went to great grandma and grandpa Hansens to have her favorite desert that her Grandma Joy made for her. Strawberry Tort!
So yummy...  
We sure love our Syd.  She is so excited to be 11 because it means she is only a year away from being 12. 
 Her reasons...  Wearing make-up, getting a cell phone, and being in young womens.
Sydney- You came into this world so fast and you were ready to take on this world.  You still have that  personality that is confident, happy most of the time, wanting to have a plan or make a plan, You know what you want and will find a way to get it.  Your a hard worker, helpful and beautiful inside and out.  I am so thankful to have you not only as my daughter but as a Friend!
I love you!!!


So this was a PG celebration at  "BUCA DE BEPPO"! We took the kids to celebrate that they ALL came home with all A's on their report cards.  We wanted to reward them and so we chose this restraunt because they serve everything family style and dad had a coupon:)  
Well- we forgot how PG-13 it was:) 
The kids had the giggles all night as they looked around!

I love these last two pictures of Preston and Sofie.  I think they liked the ice cream the best.  I liked being out of the kitchen for a night. Daddy of course always loves being with his family. He is such a good daddy.  His tradition is to get everyone to hold their glass up for a CHEERS and he gives a little speech.  He truly is a family man and I am so blessed.   

Going out with a grand slam!

P-Dog recently had his last game of the season. He was so sad that it was over.
 He LOVE's this sport!!

His coach was AMAZING!  He played for University of Utah and he was so GOOD with these boys! We have been told that now days you really have to zone in on the sport your kid loves and make it your focus because it gets so competitive.  I think this is so sad.  Parents put so much pressure to have their kids be the best of the best.  I want Preston to enjoy each season of sports and have FUN. I would worry that he would get burned out.  I really am old fashioned and am not really liking the way this world is changing...

This is him and Braxton. They just instantly clicked. This is the coaches son and Preston and him would always run and find some grass to throw the ball after the game was over. They never wanted to end practice either. The coach was so great to let them stay and hit balls.  
I would say Preston went out with a Grand Slam!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is it Summer? Where is the time going? Let me Catch you up on the Wilsons of 7!!!


Memorial weekend was so beautiful in more ways than one.  My hubby let me have the morning to myself to run errands. It is amazing how beautiful that feels. I felt FREE as if I was in the mountains away from the world ,or should I say kids.  I realized that it is so important that I do this more often than I do. I am terrible at giving in and taking a kid as they beg at the door and then I get to the store and that sweet little child begins with the CAN I and the PLEASSSE and then I ask WHY did I give in??? So I am telling myself to say NO and go enjoy a beautiful day once in awhile.  

That evening we went up the Canyon that is just 15- 20 minutes from our house and had a picnic. It was a great feeling to be together.  

I love this family and when we get these times to spend together I fall in love all over again with each one of them.  
We hiked for a bit... 

                           and then went and found a spot to eat near the creek. Thanks family for a BEAUTIFUL DAY!


My parents invited me to travel with them to my nephew's graduation in Sacramento CA. and so I didn't hesitate. I love this kid so much and we have so much fun together.  I am one proud Aunt. 

My niece Hailey is so much fun too. In this photo she is acting like her brothers prom date.  
When they are together they are always making us laugh.

During those four days while I was gone, my kids had to take care of each other and they did such a great job.  Daddy was also there to help but mostly Sydney was holding down the fort.  I can't thank her enough for being the momma while I was gone.  Of course right before I left town 3 of 5 kids got strep throat and so Syd being one of them got to stay home and help out while she was still not feeling the best.  What a girl!!!  I came home to this sign and Lot's of hugs and kisses. 
I think they missed me a little bit:)  


Preston had a Kindergarten performance and he was so cute!  He taught his class how to sign red to a song they learned. They all said "thank you-Preston" out loud and it was so sweet!

Grandma and Grandpa were in town so they came to surprise the kids.

We were so proud of our Brynlee Boo. She got the award for outstanding citizenship and she was not expecting it and was so HAPPY:)

Preston was voted by his classmates as the most athletic. This little girl is in his class and the mom informed me that she had a big time crush on Preston. I think he is already a girl magnet! 
Makes me a little nervous...


We got home from the last day of school and with in the hour my step dad called to tell us that my brother Troy was going to need surgery due to a tumor they found.  WHAT???  I was very nervous about it and broke into tears. My kids all held me close. We quickly went through the phone book and put his name in two Temples and then gathered to say a prayer. I then asked each of them to gather 5 outfits bring them to a bin I put at the top of the stairs and within an hour and a half we were off to St.George to play with my brothers kids and the other cousins.  My sister in law and I were texting and I just felt strongly she needed some support and help.  She was a trooper!!! So we all went to the hospital to sing to our Uncle Trodoe.

I had to capture these priceless photos of Troy and each one of his kids.  They were so worried about their daddy.  At one point during the trip the girls were expressing how they felt like they didn't have parents.  We talked about how this experience has taught them not to take them for granted and to appreciate them that much more.  
It was a very sweet moment.

Remember doing this???

and this???

Oh to be young again and to make some Holy Knockers like this!!!
They were cracking me up all day with their hair do's and boobies. 
Girls will be girls....

My cute little brother Tad bear and his sweet wife invited all of us over for a spaghetti dinner the night that Uncle troy came home from the hospital. 

We celebrated for you Uncle Trodoe!!! 
Thanks Tad... So YUMMY!

These girls had fun just chilling at grandma and papas house.  Morgan especially loves to go to her grandmas cuz she has all the good channels.  Especially the game channel.  Morgan loves to watch game shows. They were watching Tanked where they show how they make these huge fish tanks.  They were all so into it that I couldn't even get them to jump off the couch so we could go shop at the mall. Aren't they so cute??? 

This is the gathering place at Granny Joys and Papas house

Preston was pretty excited about having himself some sticky popcorn.

And Sofie was happy being a momma.  She is so cute with her babies.  She plays with her kids all day long.  I love it so much.  

I am so thankful that our prayers were answered and Uncle Troy came out with a new engine.  He had two surgeries in one day and came home the next.  What a tough guy!!!  We are so happy to hear that there was no cancer and that they were able to help him feel better as he has suffered with bad health for a few years and not knowing why.  
We love you Trodoe!