Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eternally grateful!!!

What a night.  I feel so humble as I look at all these people who have touched our lives.  I feel so loved as they surprised our family and came to our home for what we thought was dinner with the Bullens and FHE with the Bass family.  I started to figure that maybe there was something more going on as the day progressed and Bryn told me that Brigham is coming and then the girls piano teacher volunteered to bring our girls home. None the less, it still was a BIG surprise to see 55 or more people come in our home for (us).

Grandma Rose and Max planned a lesson.  The topic was missionary work and service.  It was so special as she put together our 2nd year of memories to a DVD movie.  We all watched and enjoyed it. Thank you Rose and Max for all the work on that.  We will treasure the memories and the lasting friendships. She then opened it up to anyone who wanted to express their feelings.  So many tender moments tonight.   Brigham and Preston were so sweet as the tears just streamed from their cheeks and at one point they even let out a big cry as they couldn't hold in their emotions.  It is always so special to see the little ones as they feel the spirit and can recognize those feelings and where they come from.  We closed the night with a hymn called "Each life that touches ours for good".  The words were so fitting.  My heart was full!

Oh how I love my Anna...  She is so dear to me and I will miss her.  She made this plaque for me and it says "Friends are like stars... You can't always see them, but you know they are there".  Oh how I will miss my Oklahoma friends!!! Anna is truly one of my hero's.  She truly knows what it means to serve.  How thankful I am to know her.

Our High Council man for our ward came with his wife and daughter all the way from Arkansas.  What a treat to see them walk through the doors.  I truly look up to him and his family.  A man who truly serves and all because he loves the Lord.

These two have such a special place in my heart and will never be forgotten.  I truly have been stregnthened just by knowing them.  Brother and Sister Bridges have been like grandparents to our kids and also like parents to both Shan and I.  They had a way of always making me feel so special.

To our Grove ward FAMILY, we will miss you.  We will cherish the memories we made.  
Thank you to Rose and Alisa for putting this together.  Such a special night.  After everyone left we visited with our kids before family prayer.  Morgan told us that she felt the spirit so strong and that she went in our room while everyone was still here and knelt down and thanked her Father in Heaven for all our ward family and the experiences we have had.  I love my kids.  I love that they can feel and recognize the feelings of the Holy ghost as it was here.  I felt it. 
 I am eternally grateful for my Oklahoma family.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our last trip before we head West...

Our first stop was to Far West where we walked this sacred ground.  This is where Joseph Smith relocated from Kirtland and began to set up the church headquarters.  This area grew rapidly. With 8,000 Saints. 2 hotels, 3 grocery stores, a school house, a church, 150 homes, etc...  You would not be able to picture it to look like this while standing on this ground as there is nothing there now.  They were only there 8 months- but it was here that the Prophet  recieved many important revelations.  Persecution and hostilities soon developed and forced the saints to leave. 

These are the 4 cornerstones that were set for the Temple that was to be built before the Saints were forced to leave...

As we took this photo we took a minute to reflect on the feelings we were feeling.  I love this man of mine.  I was so thankful that he wanted to take us on this little trip before we head West.  What a special way to end this chapter in our time here in Oklahoma.

Daddy and his oldest daughter... Love this picture!

Can you tell how SCARED our Sofie girl was?  She wasn't sure about this crowd in downtown Kansas City.  They have a HUGE production the Eve of Thanksgiving as families crowd around the downtown Plaza to watch as millions of lights light up the city...  Very Fun even though our kids couldn't wait any longer to get to the hotel for a swim and the fact that we hadn't had any lunch and it was now 6pm and one more hour before the lights would turn on.

A news lady gave the kids these glasses that light up.  My camera didn't capture how cool they were.

This was in front of the LDS Visitors Center where we learned about the importance of families.  Our kids were so sweet as a Sister Missionary bore testimony of the blessings of Temples and Eternal families.  I felt the spirit very strong and was so thankful for my children and my husband and the blessings we enjoy together.

This was at Liberty Jails vistors center.  This cute Sister Missionary is from Holiday Utah and is in my Mission Presidents ward from way back in the day...  Small world!  Look at those 3 future Sister Missionaries:)

This was very neat to hear the experiences of our Prophet while he stayed in this small, cold, jail cell for 6 months.  But he never appeared to be discouraged.  I asked myself how could he and the early saints be such a Happy People and I know it was because they truly were pure in heart with one purpose.  Their desire was to serve and to build the kingdom.  What I hope to take from this experience is to live my life just as they did.  With a greater desire to burn within me to be on the Lords errand and to serve my family and friends...

We learned of the upcoming Temple that is being built in the nearby area...

So we drove by on our way home and it was well worth it.  Such a Beautiful Blessing.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our BIG announcement???

So what do you think it might be?

Any guesses???

The Wilson's are moving back to UTAH!!! 

Yes it is true.  Shannon's company that he was previously working for in SLC has called him a number of times since we have moved to Oklahoma.  He wasn't interested in pursuing their interest but after about the 4th time of them checking in with him we decided that he should see what the oppurtunity would be.  In the end as we have fasted and prayed and included our children in this decision, we all know that we are to go HOME.  This has been one of the toughest decisions. A roller coaster of emotions.  I am so thankful for the power of prayer and to know that we can be guided in these BIG decisions.  I am thankful for these experiences that Shannon and I can go through "together".  Even though it adds a stress to the marriage it some how brings us closer.  I realize how much I need him and how thankful I am for him. I see the importance of communication and listening and being ONE. Now  this Journey in Oklahoma has to come to an end.  My emotions have been at the surface.  I have had no appetite and a hard time sleeping. I will miss my friends.  I will miss the trees.  I will miss the fire flies. Today I was released from my calling as Relief Society President.  (The Relief Society is an organization in our church for the women.)  I have truly enjoyed this experience and love these SISTERS.  I really wasn't prepared for the emotion that I felt as I knew that I was going to be released.  I couldn't control the tears.  So many of these women have touched me and have made me want to be better.  I am so thankful for their influence and just hope that I can take their attributes and make a difference.  Just as they have made a difference in my life. As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week I will forever be thankful for my OKLAHOMA SISTERS! 
For those of you out West...  we are so excited to see you.  We have missed  you! We are coming home.  See you in just a few weeks...   

Good Byes are always hard...

So this first photo cracks me up as Sister Culling is checking out my friend Alisa's new hair and make-up.  She is always giving her a bad time for not taking time for herself.

I love these two.  Just looking at this photo makes me tear up.  These two have left their mark on me.  We have shared laughs, tears, and sweat together:)  We walked when we could and enjoyed those mornings.  Amanda and her sweet family have moved to Idaho.  Alisa wanted to have a "surprise" going away party for her and so this is what we did...

Look at all those who came to say farewell.

Alisa did some personalized cards for her and so her and her mom were looking them over.  Such a great idea.  They turned out so stinkin cute!

You both will be forever in my heart!

Morgans one on one with Mom and Dad

We left with Morgan on a Friday and drove 3 hours to Oklahoma City.  Because she just recently turned 12 she gets to participate with the youth on Temple Trips.  If you want to know more about the purpose of Temples you can go to www.lds.org and learn more about our faith.  She loved having some one on one with mom and dad.  We went to the mall and ate dinner and got some cupcakes for our treat before going to the hotel.

That morning started with a yummy breakfast. This is such a sweet picture of Morgan and her daddy.  On this trip she admitted that she has a crush on her dad and hopes to marry someone just like him.  It brought tears to my eyes because as a little girl she used to say she was going to marry her dad.

This was a special day and one that we couldn't wait for.  I am so thankful for eternal families!  Thank you Morgan for living your life so that you can enjoy the blessings of the Temple.  

Want to have a good laugh???

I want you to meet my friend SUE.  She truly makes me laugh "most" of the time.  I am certain she is going to hate me after this post but I know that if any of you need a good laugh this will give you one for


We love you Grandma Sue:)

Monday, November 7, 2011

can you BELIEVE it? She is 12...

I have cried for days because my baby is 12.  

I picked her and some friends up from school on Friday and took them to Joplin for some fun at the mall.

We started with a scavenger hunt.  It was Morgan and her 2 friends against Syd and her 2 friends...

They had to go around the mall and follow clues and then take a picture.

When they got to this store they were told that they were not allowed to take photos. Soon after that the security guards met up with Sydney and her group and wanted to see their scavenger hunt list and warned them that they are not to be doing this in the mall:(  Atleast they got to have a little fun for awhile before getting in trouble.  

The girls then wanted to do this...  I can't even tell you what it is called.  Everyone did it except for me and Morgan.  We were too nervous.

Until they begged and begged.  I must admit I did pretty good.  I was doing some back flips and showing up all those girlies:)  It was still very scary and when I got done I was shaking.

Look at that sweet face.  She was not sure about this bouncy thing...

But...  SHE DID IT:)

Morgan has had a pretty tough time finding her place at school and with her friends.  I was so happy that she had Becca and Cheyenne .  What FUN they had.

I am also very thankful for these two girls and the friendship they have with one another.  Of course they have their moments but for the most part they truly depend on one another and love eachother.  I remind them often how blessed they are to have sisters...

Dear Morgan, 
You are truly beautiful inside and out.  Your dad and I often talk about you and the wonderful spirit that you carry with you everywhere you go.  In our home- at school- at church.  Your desires are always righteous,  Your heart cares for others so much, and You strive to do your best.  The thing I enjoy most about you right now is seeing you getting dolled up.  I never thought I would see the day that you would want to wear make-up because you never really cared.  If you could wear sweats or pajamas all day you would.  I also love listening to your voice as you sing, sing and sing.  It will be your gift as you share it with others.  
You graduated from Primary and begin Young Woman's.  Enjoy these years!  Have FUN. Listen to the wisdom of your leaders. I still treasure the things I learned from my young woman leaders.  They will be there at times when you may feel that no one else is. 
 My desire for you as your momma is to