Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lake Tahoe 2012

My oldest Brother Tyler and his family have a time share in Tahoe.  A few years ago we went and it was such a great time.  So he invited all of us again. When I say "ALL" it includes our family of 7 their family of 7 and then Troys family of 5 and Tads family of 5.  Then mom and Papa.  The plans were made and then my brother Troy ended up having another surgery and a few days after being home he got a blood clot that has kept him down.  That meant that his family would not be joining us this year.  What a bummer! So in this 3 bedroom cabin we had 12 kids and 8 adults and it truly wasn't too bad...

Love my brothers...

The kids LOVED having a jacuzzi on the back patio.  This was the first thing they jumped into and every morning it was the first thing they wanted to do.  The mornings and evenings were pretty cold but these kids enjoyed the hot tub... while we fixed breakfast and cooked dinners.  If they weren't doing this they were up in the loft playing pool.

After getting unpacked and settled in the kids all wanted to go down to the resort.  It is so much fun.  The kids were so HAPPY to be out of cars and with cousins...  Look at them sporting their life jacket Sumo outfits...

Or should we call it the new diaper floatie...

Andrea chillin with her brother in laws...  So cute!

Until her hubby surprised them with a cannon ball...  He SOAKED them!!!

Hailey and her boyfriend were the BEST babysitters...  
We liked calling them Emily and Jeff from the Bachelorette.  
Such a cute couple.

Hailey loves to hug her Granny Joy...
Especially in a wet swim suit!

Uncle Tyler is a KID at heart.  He had so much fun with these kids.  
They loved playing with this big Orca Whale:)

Best of friends...


The next day we chose to just relax and enjoy a day at the pool and play games at the cabin...

I love Tad as he flexes for the camera:)

Walking back to the cabin and making wishes...

Addie LOVED Preston. She was always by his side.

He didn't seem to mind...  He is a ladies man!

Sofie was worn out from the mountain sunshine.

But Brynlee was on one.  I don't know who put a nickle in this girl!  
She had us all laughing!

The next day we headed to the beach.  By the time we got there the parking lot's were all full. We ended up finding our own little private trail to an area that was PERFECT!  I was worried about Papa and his hip when he tried to find his own way down the mountain and Granny Joy hiking down was ok but how were we going to get her "donk" back UP the mountain?

Look at the water?  It is so beautiful and crystal clear.  

The water is cold but some how we all enjoyed a little swim!  There were some high rocks that you could swim too and then swim to others near by.  It was very FUN!

Have I told you I have a big time crush on these two guys???
Gosh, I just LOVE them!!!

Sofie was so excited when she found this pine cone.  
She brought it home so she can decorate it...

You have never tasted better pizza than at Zanos...

Now that McCade has a job and is preparing for college he had to work and so we missed him all week.  We were excited he joined us for the day with his girlfriend Lexi.  
So good to see him. 

Sofie was so funny. She loved the ranch dressing so much that she drank at least three of these containers.  She had it all over her face...  

We came home and partied for Addie's 4th birthday. 
Played some big bootie and went to bed.

Each day we headed over for a game of Bocce ball...
These girl came prepared!

Papa had a very sore hip before coming and so he too came prepared with a cane...
Notice he is trying to hide it in this picture:)

Good job Papa...  Let go of all Pride!
He was a trooper...

This game is so much fun.  
I must say we really missed Uncle Trodoe:(
Tad was so GOOD that it was really getting us upset.

Reggie loved this game and he too was pretty darn good.  He was so proud of his "sick" tattoos.  He told his mom "look at my sick tattoos".  
Where do kids learn such funny words???

Mom could really shake her donk when she would throw a good ball...
She always keeps us laughing with her "natural" talents!

These were our cheerleaders on the sidelines!!!

The last night ended with all of us worn out from the sun and sad that we had to pack up and leave. Then these girls had to have the traditional Miss America pageant.  It wasn't the same without ALL the cousins.  We had Miss California- Miss Oklahoma- and Miss Utah!  
Such Beauty both inside and out!!!

See you in 2014 Tahoe!!!

Canyon+Friends=Good Time's

Our friends the McMurdies from Arizona came back through to see us for the weekend.  We went up the Canyon and it was so beautiful.  It is so nice to get away from the heat. 

The water is still very very cold but the kids didn't seem to mind!

Bottoms up to some good times with old friends...
We grabbed some Pizza for the kids and then went out for a nice quiet dinner.  
So fun to catch up on our lives and kids...

The next morning was Sunday and we had church at 9:00 am.  I must say I was impressed that 10 kids and 4 adults got out the door on time... we were even able to walk.  The kids caught up with our cute neighbors who have baby Annie, who we adore!  
Sofie insisted that she needed to take "Her" baby in her stroller.  

She was so happy when she saw Baby Annie in her stroller.
She truly is such a sweet momma to her babies...

The best part was being with my friend at church.  I think it was extra special because it is through the church that I met this sweet friend.  What an example she is to me.