Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We have a TEENAGER and she SHINES!

For Morgan's 13th Birthday we made her most favorite thing for Sunday dinner. 
Coconut Shrimp

That night we decorated the kitchen which is a family tradition for the kids birthdays.  I loved what her daddy had to say...

She opened this one present in the morning.  Morgan has developed a real gift with singing and she wanted this soooo bad!  Her young women's leader gave her the binder full of music.

Her friends decorated her locker at school.

Mom took her to lunch.

Church leaders decorated her garage.

So happy for all the gifts...

Well in this photo- she was really shocked thinking that her Great Grandma Hansen went to Victoria Secret to buy some "Pink" perfume but little did she know it was from Big Lots.  So FUNNY!!!

She got some pine nuts and look at that face.  Need I say more?

Money always puts a smile on this girls face.  She LOVES to SHOP!

Dinner out and her first PG-13 movie with mom and dad.  
Great way to celebrate!!!
We love this Teenager and are so thankful that we can be her parents.  
She truly SHINES!

Talk about catching up...

Ok so I am so far behind on my blog.  Talk about catching up.  Yes- this is from Halloween Day.
We went over and saw Great Grandma and Grandpa Hansen and what a "treat" that was:)

Then we raced home and met the West family for a trunk-or-treat!

Morgan and her friends were Minions from Despicable Me

When the night was over and after Preston me and Syd had been scared from a man with a chain saw we were DONE!!!  I am not a fan of this Holiday and especially because usually my husband is out of town on business so I was ready to get it over with.  Check out this box filled with candy.  Two weeks later and I am still finding the candy wrappers!!!  Did you hear me???  I don't like Halloween!


Look at these two girls.  They were pulling faces right before church. 
 You would hope it might help them so that they can sit still and be reverent:)

Sofie is pregnant and she really plays the momma part so well.  She even went to the "hostital" to have her baby.  The legs of this dolly were clear down in her thighs.  So FUN to watch this girl play...

Preston came in the kitchen a few nights ago and said "Hey mom- I am Kayler"!
He looks just like him.

Love those cousins:)