Monday, January 26, 2015

Did this really happen?

My baby really did graduate from Kindergarten and I can't believe it really did happen.  This is something that you think will NEVER happen and it did.  Lets just say...

another gadget

My grandpa is so funny.  He is always ordering something in the mail and sometimes he even gets sent free things.  He LOVES his mail.  It is one thing that keeps a smile on his face.  The kids were over there with me one afternoon and grandpa had to show him his new toy.  It was a massager and it was VERY VERY LOUD.  The kids were cracking up.

The LAST supper

We got invited to go out to the Red Lobster to Celebrate my moms birthday.  At that time we would not have thought that 6 months later we would be saying goodbye to my grandpa.  As I look at these photos my heart is full.  I am so thankful for these memories we shared with them.  I just didn't think it would be our LAST SUPPER with them together.

The cousins came to town!!!

Had a fun weekend with the cousins.  The girls had some driving lessons in the Cottonwood High parking lot.  I can't believe we are already thinking that this is going to happen in the near future.  Went to check out the Waffle Love truck.  YUMMY!!!

and we can't leave out this photo of Sofie and her wig in the parking lot while we were driving.  
She is quite the girl...

New York with the hubby

Womens Confrence 2014 was PICTURE PERFECT!!!

Down and Derby

Preston had his first Pine Wood Derby and lets just say it got a little down and derby.
He was a little sad that his car wasn't working out too well.  He had a wheel fall off and had to quickly get fixed but it was a bit too late.  With a few tears we survived.
There's always next year!!!

The LAST Dance

My grandparents were trying to show off their dancing skills when they suddenly fell to the floor.  They both decided that Grandpa at age 91 and Grandma at age 87 had their
Love these too so very much...

Monday, January 12, 2015

The kissing ball

I wanted to post this so I will not forget this gift I created for my grandpa Hansen.  He had been telling Shan that he had been thinking of a new invention for old men.  He said it would make millions.  He wanted a ball with kissing lips so that he could get a kiss whenever he needed one.  I guess my grandma wasn't giving him what he needed:)  So Shan and I came up with our own invention. We laughed and laughed.  My grandma was the funniest.  She laughed so hard she was crying.

So in LOVE...

For Easter we surprised the three older girls with tickets to Hunter Hayes!
It was so much fun to be with them and to see them in a live concert.
We ALL were so in LOVE..

Super Bowl 2014

We had a great night!
Go Seahawks...

St. George SPRING BREAK...

As you can tell we had so much fun with our family.

Happy Easter 2014

We all tried to make these Easter eggs with glue and yarn...
Some turned out better than others!