Thursday, August 19, 2010

TGIF:) Thank goodness it's Friday... (Well almost)

Our little Brynlee was no where to be found.  I then went into the playroom and look what I found.  A sleeping, worn out 1st grader who fell asleep while playing barbies. It is their first week in school and tomorrow is Friday. TGIF:)  We are so proud of our Boo Head and how well she is doing.  We decided to have Brynlee repeat 1st grade another year so that she can have confidence in herself.  She is a very sweet, smart, and loving girl. We love you Boo!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thank goodness for telephones!

My Grandparents are two of my most favorite people.  Today I had a message on my cell phone and it made me so homesick for them.  My grandpa said- "Tricia, it's just your grandpa.  Grandma and I just wanted to call and express our love for you and your family. Call us back soon."  It came at a time when I just needed to hear this.  I am so thankful for them and their influence in my life.  I miss my little outs with grandma. Lunch at Cafe Rio and a quick trip to Ross or TJ Max.  How thankful I am for telephones that keep us connected across the miles....

That's what friends are for

Today I was asked to help a family who was moving.  I really didn't want to take this "Terrible Two" year old with me.  My dear friend Rose and her son Max came to the rescue and this is how they babysit.
I received this photo on my phone and it just cracked me up.  They are HIRED!  A big thank you to them for being there when I truly needed a friend.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's School Time...

The kids were up at 5:30 am ready for school.  Sydney had her hair done and everything.  It is so nice having them grow up and becoming more independent all the time.  As you can see in this photo Sofie was ready to go with her "NEE NEE"(Sydney) on the bus.

But little did she know that she would have to say good-bye.  Nothing is worse than taking her sisters and brother away from her.  She loves each one of them so much.  

I too love them very much but you didn't see me crying...

I was truly jumping for JOY that summer was over and we barely survived. 
 I really do love my kids but I was ready to have some TIME...

Happy Birthday Bubba


We had Preston's 5th Birthday at a Mexican Restaurant. It was his year for a family party and so I was explaining to him that it would just be us this year.  He then asked... " Is Brother Bridges going to be there"?  This just made me smile.  Preston just loves his primary teacher and if you met him you would know why.  Then he asked "What about Max and Grandma Rose"? This is a special family in our Branch that we love very much. So I didn't say yes or no to him but I went ahead and invited them.  They all said they would love to come... 
                                Look at the smile on this Boys face!  

They say your Branch becomes your family and this is so true.  How thankful we are for the blessings of others in our lives.  Thanks to them, Preston had a great          birthday. 

This was the hit of the night!


Where does the TIME go?

Our sweet little Morgan is going to the Junior High. I just can't believe how quickly they grow up.  She really is turning into a young lady.  She is such a good girl.  Always striving to do her best and to make the right choices.  She is a perfectionist like her daddy and have much of the same personalities. Her daddy took the day off to help her and the rest of us as we juggled all the crowds with 5 kids in tow...

And then our fun little Sydo.  She is so excited to be in the Upper Elementary with her very own locker. She is so funny and has so much personality.  She wasn't worried about anything but decorating her locker. She is a friend to everyone.  As we were walking from class to class she was off hugging this girl and that girl and then she was waving to this boy and that boy.  (No hugs for them). She told me that they had school dances now and I told her that she wouldn't be going to any of those dances.  She then began with her face and the PLEASSSSE mom trick.  I said that mommy would have to come along and she said, "ok, but you have to promise that you will stay away from me."  I cracked up and told her that I would have to do the arms legnth rule with any of those boys dancing with her.  Oh, she is funny.  She is a special girl and has such a tender heart and is so caring for others and their feelings.  
We are thankful for our girls...

Haven't we all done this???

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back To School Bash

For our Family Night we had our Back to school Bash.  Our theme this year was "Be Loyal to the Royal inside you".
The kids were so cute.  They all got dressed up.  Morgan helped (Bubba) make a Shield and decorate it.  Sydney got Sofie dressed up and they helped set the table and they all decorated the cupcakes.  We listened to a fun church CD and then we ate a nice dinner with our china.  We toasted to a new year as Daughters and a Son of God.  They all got to make a wish for the new year and then blow out a candle on their cupcake.  

We then had the kids sit on the couch and daddy gave them foot rubs while I gave them the lesson.  We first talked to Preston about The Armor of God and then to the girls about The crown they earn depends upon what is in their hearts.  In the end we were all crying.  It was such a special Family Night.  This doesn't always happen, but tonight it did.  I am so thankful for Prince Preston and my four Pretty Princesses...  Morgan, Sydney, Brynlee and Sofie. It is not easy to live in this world with all that is out there.  I am thankful that we can teach our children that they have a Father in Heaven that loves them and will always be with them to help them along their journey.  
I believe in them, and I love each one of them very much.

The many Faces of Summer...

I didn't think the end would come fast enough.  It has been an adjustment for me this summer.  Living in a new area and not having neighborhood kids to play with has been hard for all of us.  The kids have had to create their own fun.  Hopefully next year we can be a little more prepared.  I wasn't a very patient mommy this summer.  Sorry Kids.  I do love you.  How can I not love these faces?

Our Future MAMA...

Sweet Sofie is such a little mommy.  She loves her babies.  She sings to them,  bounces them and sits and reads to them.  I found her on the stairs and she was just in her own little world playing house. It makes me think of Sydneys testimony a couple weeks ago. She talked about the importance of her example to her younger brother and sister because they are always watching and they catch on quick.  Thanks Sydo for the reminder.  
I better be on my toes...

We have a new Elder and he is from St. George Ut. Elder Brooks!  I was able to meet his parents while visiting family and bring him back a package. This is what makes living here so fun.  Preston just loves it when the missionaries are coming over for dinner.  
We traveled home on the day of Syds birthday. We wanted it to be fun for her and so daddy did this to the van as a surprise when she woke up.  A funny story, while I was driving and she was sitting up front with me,  a car drove by with a young boy who was smiling and looking right at Syd.  He gave her a thumbs up and she went all shades of red.  A few minutes later she said, "he was a cutie"!  We were all cracking up.  She has such a fun personality and it is so fun to have my girls growing up.  They are my best friends.  

And after a long old drive home we made it back to OKLAHOMA!!!

Our 9 year old girl had a celebration in our old neighborhood.  It was so fun.  Kathy and Terryl were our neighbors and offered to host the party. They are two of the neatest people and we miss them so much.  We had hamburgers and hotdogs from the grill and Snow Cones thanks to our good friend Brad.  His sweet wife, my bestest friend decorated this Costco cake and look how cute it turned out.  Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us and helped make Syds day special. We love and miss you terribly!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Manti Pageant

We went to the Manti Pageant with our cousins.  It was fun for everyone but Preston, Sofie and myself.  They were both so tired and wanted my lap.  It was hard to keep them quiet and happy. My patience was thin.  I was ready for our trip to come to an end.  I was missing daddy and his extra arms.  I shed a few tears that night.


Preston loves his Papa and he loves his riding lawn mower.  
Look at that big smile on his face.  Thank you Papa for making memories and for keeping your promise. 

Thank You Chris and Rolaina

A big Thank you to Chris and Rolaina for having us over for a last minute get together.  We had the best spaghetti and Alfredo dinner.  It was better than Olive Garden.  It was so good to see everyone and to spend time before we had to head back up North. The kids just love to be with their cousins.  Sydney just loves to be a big sister to all of them.  

We Love you Grandmas and Grandpas

The best thing about going home to see family is spending time with grandmas and grandpas. We love and miss them.  Grandma Wilson we hope your knee surgery went well and you will be ready to keep up with all of us rag muffins soon.