Thursday, September 30, 2010


Is she the cutest kid or what?  This week for school is "Spirit" week.  Each day they get to dress up with a theme for the day.  Today was clown day and if this doesn't fit our Sydo.  She is always making us laugh.  It is interesting how different our kids personalities are.  Morgan is so serious about things and never wants to make a mistake and Syd is so care free,  that sometimes they clash.  Syd has to remind Morgan to "Lighten up":) We feel so blessed to have these kids in our lives.  All I ever wanted was to be a mom and I sure do love them!  The other day I was on my cell phone talking to my mom and it was cutting out and I said, "Mom your breaking up".  Preston was in the back seat listening and asked "Mom, I have a really silly question. Is Grandma Joy breaking up with Papa"?  It was too funny!   I wouldn't trade any of them except for maybe one.....  I will not confess, but I am sure you can guess.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Little "HELP"er

Sofie is so bored when her sisters and brother are at school.  I think it has been an adjustment for both her and I.  She is my first kid out of the five to be home alone.  I never appreciated having more than one home until now.  She refuses to go upstairs and play because she says "it's scary" and so she follows me around saying "where's nee nee" "where's Morgan", "where's Brynee", "where's Preston", "where's daddy" until it drives me up the wall:)  She has become quite the little HELPer lately.  She stands on the dishwasher and emptys the silverware every morning.  She is getting so BIG.  Where did the time go?I know I am crazy but  I have been baby hungry lately.

 But... then the kids come home from school and then I think twice:)