Friday, September 23, 2011

Finding JOY in the JOURNEY...

   It has been awhile since I have posted. Life has been extremly busy and at times emotionally draining.  Raising my kids in a world of influences as well as the Jr. High Blues. Most of us have been through those growing up years.  I remember those years of my life and would never want to go back to them. Yet I know that it was through these experiences that I learned to rely on my Heavenly Father. To pray and read my scriptures. I learned what kind of friend I wanted to be. We are going through all of this. The body changes, the friendships, the feeling of trying to find your place. We have had many late night talks and tears.  A friend just recently said that her mom always told her that as a mother you are as happy as your saddest child.  I have to say I totally agree!  Many have said enjoy them while they are young because it only gets harder. I wonder what is in store as we begin this new chapter with our kids.
    I love my children and I am a very pleased mom. They desire to do good and to stand up for their standards.  They are good to one another and feel safe when they are home.  I know it is a very hard world out there. I know they miss the influence of Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunts and Uncles. I know that they just want a friend who truly cares and accepts them.  I also know that even though it is hard to be away from family we have developed lasting friendships that feel like family. A big thank you to all of those who truly care and look out for us.  For my friends who listen to me and then do kind things to help our situation.  I recently recieved a phone call from a friend. She just felt she needed to call. Little did she know what I was feeling. During this call she provided guidance and direction that was much needed.  She shared with me how a loving Heavenly Father created us and how thankful we should be for every part of our bodies. We are His special creations.  Tears fell down my cheeks as she shared because I knew the truthfulness of this. I want my girls to understand their worth. To love their changing bodies and to love themselves.  Her phone call gave me ideas and made me excited to try and help my children.  Then another dear friend made albums for my kids full of their best friends and eternal friends. Their family. She shared with them how blessed they were to have one another. I had a phone call from another friend who has a daughter who is older than my girls and so she is "experienced".  She gave me a feeling of peace. I love talking to her because she is always full of much wisdom.  I sure miss these friends.  Another friend sat on her couch and related feelings that she had experienced in Jr. High and that she wanted to share them with my girls. How thankful I am for these outside influences. Another friend who wants my kids to have play days so that they know that they have friends. She also listens and wants to hear how I am doing.  To each one of you I say THANK YOU!
   I love that we have grown closer as a family and we appreciate one another so much. If this is why we moved here then it is worth it. I love that we have met friends that feel like family. If this is why we moved here then it is worth it.  I know that my Father in Heaven knows my children on a very personal level. Why? Because He took His time creating them into a beautiful sculpture and then gave me such precious gifts that I treasure. He will give me the guidance I need as I turn to Him. I know this because He worked through my friends and answered my prayers. He loved me enough to prepare me before this move.  While kneeling in prayer I recieved these words most clearly... "Get ready for the Journey." He knew it would be hard.  It is hard.  We miss our families so much. But as we find the JOY in the JOURNEY, it makes it a little easier.