Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where is daddy when we need him?

So this usually is daddies tradition with the kids, but he happens to be in Vegas.  Every year he is out of town for Halloween due to his work. He usually carves pumpkins with the kids before he goes.  This year it didn't happen and oh how I miss him.  I really get grossed out from the smell and the texture of a pumpkin and my kids are not any better.  Morgan said "this is worse than doing the dishes". She refuses to touch any food when she does dishes and she gags if she does.  Preston had to be begged to do it just for a photo.  Sofie refused. Syd was at a friend party but she would have helped me out.  
(at least I think she would)

Bryn was a trooper even though she thought it was "DISGUSTING"!
Look at that face!!!

Now look at that.  What do you think?
Daddy where are you???
We need you!

My friend- My SISTER...

My friend Alissa is more than a friend she is my 
I am so thankful that we met when we did.  We needed one another and Father in Heaven knew it.  I know that we knew each other up in that old Heaven and we had a party.  Speaking of parties, today she turned 50 and we celebrated with a little lunch and a shop. I made this little bucket that said, "50 sucks!  It had 50 suckers and a few other surprises:)  
Doesn't she look great for 50???

She hates any attention on herself and she has a very hard time when others do anything for her.  She is always giving to her family, her friends, at work (she is a nurse), and would give anything to someone in need.  Even when we talk she only wants to hear about me and what is going on.  
I am so thankful for her example.  I sure do Love my Big Sis!
Happy Birthday!!!

FHE with the Adams Family...

We met the Adams for FHE (Family Home Evening) which we do as a family every Monday.  This week we met up with them so we could go find Elder Bass from Oklahoma, and decorate his door for Halloween.  We first went to eat and Preston gave Brigham a gift for his baptism that we couldn't be too.  Poor Preston was not feeling good and had a slight fever.  This is why his arms look amputated.

Boys will be Boys... 
oh Sofie is hiding in there:)

Morgan and Sydney just love these two...
Poor Dave had to put up with all the Estrogen. 

We pulled into the driveway of this home and were peeking in the windows to see if this is where 
Elder Bass was living?  These kids were so excited to act like spy's with their flashlights from their kids meals:)  So cute!!!

We were a little nervous because we thought the owners of the house might get upset that we were there...

The kids saw this and then we were sure we might get caught.

When we went downstairs we peeked in this window and my girls almost started to cry when they saw Elder Bass's blanket that they made him hanging from his bed. So cute!!!  We were so HAPPY!

UH OH... Leave it to David to check the door to see if it was open.  Sure enough he broke in and he went about the house to see if he could find any missionaries home:)  I followed with the camera.  My heart was so full.  I just wanted Max to jump out of his closet.  He is so close and yet so far away:(

Look at this kitchen. A few dirty dishes.  His momma won't be surprised:)  
Eggs left out so they can get some food poisoning.

This is where he sleeps at night...

His closet...

What?  Awesome!  A pool table?  Really?
Max loves to play games and I bet he is loving this:)

Thank you Alisa for thinking about this idea and including us.  I am so thankful for Alisa and her example of service.  She is such a dear friend!  By the way she has lost so much weight and looks absolutely AMAZING!!!  Keep it up girl!

Loved these Halloween Pumpkins:)

This seriously made me tear up!  Look at my boy.  Gosh we miss him and yet he is right here.  It is a really weird feeling to know he was so close.  We tried to stay as long as we could.

We even scheduled dinner appointments on their calendar. 
We thought that was pretty funny:)

We got caught! 
The owner of the home found us.  He was the sweetest man ever.  He is 79 years old. Him and his wife have lived in this home over 50 years and it was amazing.  They have 7 children and they come over once a month with their families for dinner.  Their yard is set up for grand kids.  

The finished product.  So cute Alisa.  

The kids had so much fun they didn't want to leave.
Preston asked if he could come over for a play day:)
Can't wait for the day we bump into Elder Bass!!!
So much FUN being spy's tonight...

Just a side note:  It is so neat to see how our lives cross paths with others. 14 years ago I passed this home every day on my way to and from work.  Little would I know that I would meet the Bass family, the Adams family, in Oklahoma of all places and be decorating the door to that house.  It really does just make me so thankful for these moments and these friendships.  I ask myself?  
What will come my way over the next 14???

Then after saying goodbye to the Adams Family we went over to decorate my friend Alissa's yard for her big 50th tomorrow!!! 

Look what Bubba found.  Him and Sofie said forget decorating, 
we are gonna cruise the neighborhood.
They were in heaven!

The kids were trying to hold up their hands to make 50 but it was a little difficult for some of them:)

Look who caught us!!!  
Brookie and her Hot little Boyfriend:)

We were dying at how tall Morgan is compared to Brooke.  It is crazy when you remember them both as little girls.  Time goes so fast. (My friend is 50)!!!

Look who we found in the bed:)

Love this family so much!

Monday, October 29, 2012

FUN Filled Friday..

Sydney and Brynlee received Eagle of the Month for school and so daddy and I went to the school to surprise them.  They are having such a great year at Silver Mesa. So thankful for the answered prayers and to see smiles on their faces as they leave and come home each day! 
Such a huge difference a school can make! 
Grandma Joy and Papa went with us to celebrate.  I pulled the kids at lunch and we went to Chick Fil A.  They love this place.  Grandma Joy and Papa left to go back to St. George.  Papa had hip surgery and was up here for a few weeks.  We are really going to miss them:( 
We then hurried home and got dressed in our Halloween costumes so we could go see my friend Alissa at her work Halloween party.  The kids were so EXCITED to see her.  It was so much fun walking around the old folks home and letting all these oldies give the kids candy and to see some of them dressed up themselves.
We had some great laughs!!!
Bryn wanted to be a "pretty" clown 
Sofie a mermaid

Sydney a HOT witch and Preston was a Sumo Wrestler but refused a picture:( 
Guess who was there???
Sofie's Best New Friend Taylor!!!
That night we hurried to a party that we were invited to.  Friends in our ward all got together with our families at the West's home.  Kristy is so talented and makes things so much fun.  So fun that when we left their house Preston said, "Mom, I wish Kristy was my mom".  This just made me smile because I would want her to be my mom to. She is AMAZING!!!  
I wish you could see her eyelashes.  She is so cute!
This granny is pretty cute too.  She was so excited to be invited out to the party!!!
Look at these two STUDS! 
So many fun games that the kids never wanted to stop.  The adults had fun too:)Ok so I am tired. It was a fun filled Friday but I sure was TIRED when it was over!!!