Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sister Fights

So I really didn't know that my girls were going to fight but HOLY COW!!!
These girls just don't really get along and it makes me sad.
Hopefully we are going through a faze?
I can use any advice right now so bring it to me...
I am begging you

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sydney is finally 12

Syd is finally 12.  I think she has waited a whole year for this day to finally be here. In our church this is a big deal because now she is in the youth program and gets to participate in girls camps, weekly activities and set goals that will help her as she draws closer to Christ.  They made her this poster on Sunday and welcomed her to the Young Women's program.

Grandma Joy bought this cake for her and Reggie and we enjoyed having dinner with all our family after church.  We had a Big breakfast for everyone which was a little rushed because we had to get to church and leave everyone so when we got home and heard that everyone was staying we were so happy:)  My sweet mom had dinner all ready as she always makes it look so easy.  I don't know what I would do without her. A BIG thanks to her for making it a great day!

Sydney got her Temple Recommend which means she can now go and do baptisms for the dead.  What a neat experience for her to be able to do this with her sister Morgan.

Grandma Joy and these girls that are taller than her...
So sweet...

For Syds Birthday her and I spent some much needed time to just ourselves.  This girl had it all mapped  out on where she wanted to go.  She was so excited to find a clearance at Victoria Secret on some sweats and a hoodie.  This girl is all about comfort kinda like her momma. 
 Thanks Sydney for a FUN day out together!

Happy 90th Grandpa Hansen

My sweet Grandparents celebrated 68 years of marriage and it was also my grandpa's 90th birthday.  All of my family was here to celebrate this special day with him.

We went to Cafe Rio

We couldn't believe that Kayler has passed up Brynlee Boo.
He is 8 and she is 10.
She is a runt or he is a GIANT...

The race cars at Boondocks were so much fun.  I will admit it made me a nervous wreck for when these girl get their license.  I think I can wait...

Bumper Boats were so funny to watch as all the kids gained up on their Uncle Troy. 
Can you tell by these pictures that he is Freezing to death...
Poor Guy!!!

Sofie Loves her Uncle Tad. 
 He calls her Cappy because of her capped teeth 
and she is always quick to let him know that this is NOT her name...  

We stayed up to decorate for Reggie's Birthday which was celebrated the same day as Grandpa Hansen's 90th Birthday.  These cousins had fun as you can tell:)

Friends from Okie

Syd woke right up to find her little girl Mia...
She went right in to doing her hair. 
Syd loves to make any little girl feel and look like a princess.
She is our princess at heart!

The Lester's didn't get here until 2:30 in the morning and so they were worn out.  We just took it easy for most of the day and then went to a park close by before going up the Canyon for dinner.

It was so good to see this cute family and to spend a day together.
 We have MISSed you guys!!!

Bees Baseball Baby!!!

So we had a free night to go see the Bees game and we didn't have all our kids due to them fighting.  It wasn't easy to leave them behind but we wanted to teach them that they need to get along and be nice to each other.  It was so hard for all of us but we knew it was the right thing.

Preston was so excited he even got dressed up for it...  

We had the best seats right behind home plate.

Preston brought his bat to have the Bee sign it and 
Sofie was just excited that she wasn't scared of the "dressed up" Bee.

Happy Fathers Day 2013

Fathers Day started with a broken sprinkler out in the front yard...

then with daddy having a yummy breakfast...

and ended with a yummy dinner... with Papa too:)

a foot rub...

a little baseball with Papa...

and a night of "treasured" memories of our daddy...

Nephi Utah is my favorite little town

Nephi City has the cutest pool for kids that has just been re-done this year.
I kept wanting a little baby for the baby area.  It was so cute!!!

We love being in this little town and just being lazy. Walking to the dollar store, feeding horses, playing cards and being with grandma and Papa.  I even slept in until 10:00am and had a few naps!

Preston and Bryn found Great Grandma and Grandpas clothes and played dress up!!!

After staying in Nephi for a week we went to pick up Emily and then went to the Seven Peaks water park for the day.

Daddy took Sofie on a waterside:)
Fun Saturday...

Last day of school...

That same day that we took donuts to dad was the same day that our friend Emily Barwick was flying in for EFY at BYU and the kids were getting out of school.  Emily would be spending the weekend with us and then we would drive her down on Monday for her week at EFY.

Sydney has such sweet friends.  They all LOVED Sofie girl...

Emily was our babysitter for many years when Preston was a newborn.  
These kids loved her like a Big Sister!

Oh how we LOVE LOVE LOVE this teacher.  Brynlee has had the BEST year and it is all because of this teacher Miss. Mcdonald.  What an AMAZING lady!!!