Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mothers Day Gifts that were full of GIVING...

For Mothers Day I asked if we could plant a garden? We have the perfect spot in our back yard and with a retired Papa who is the Master Gardner we asked if he would help us.  He was very willing and so we went for it... Look at these two in their hats! It makes me smile:)

The kids were just as excited as their momma...

Preston and daddy had to work hard to get a tree limb that was in part of the soil that we wanted to place some veggies.  Every day as I go out and look at my garden I am filled with happiness because I know all the sweet hands that are helping it to grow.  I am excited to see what happens. 
I will let ya know!

Brynlee was so cute with me all day.  She just kept coming up to give me an extra hug or kiss.  She was very excited to give me this candy bar poster. She came up with the idea all on her own and it was so "sweet" of her.  She knows me well. I love my chocolate!

Sydney too was excited to treat me to a pedicure and facial. You will see those pictures in just a minute. Be ready to laugh!!! She really got into it. She is our beauty queen. I love her so much.  

The girls made this necklace for me and it has all my little eggs in the nest.  So CUTE!

Daddy BBQ-ed for me and my parents. It was so YUMMY!

G-ma Joy looking at her book that I made for her through Shutterfly.  

Sydney Joy doing what she loves best.  She thinks for her next birthday she wants her friends to come to Syds Spa party where she will serve them. I love this girl!!!

It was so FUN! She really had it relaxing and set-up so cute.  Sofie was funny when she saw my green face...  We had some good laughs!

Of course this little guy had to be in on the girl stuff..
He wanted a turn:)

This Grandpa of mine was so sweet and wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday.  Grandparents have a way of making you feel so special.  I am so grateful for the sweet relationship I have with my Grandma and Grandpa.  As their ages continue to go up in numbers I cherish all the fun times we are enjoying with them.  The Best Birthday gift is having their influence not only in my life but also in the lives of my children!

Monday, May 7, 2012

So the night before the funeral service we had been to Women's Conference and so my sweet friend Alisa took Preston from Friday until Sunday and then my girls met me at Grandma and Grandpa's Nephi house.  Papa picked them up after school and brought them down with him.  That night Grandpa Hansen sat us all down and said he wanted us to sit around and visit.  He said each one of us would have to take a turn.  So some sang, some recited poems, some shared goals and then it came to grandpa.  He said that he had been to the DR. and that his kidneys are failing a bit and he needs to go back to his cancer DR. soon.  He said he wasn't worried and he doesn't want us to worry.  "He can take care of himself". He encouraged my girls to stay close to their family and to love one another. Him and Grandma strive to keep their family together.  He told them to never tell lies, they just get ya in trouble. He said you have to walk in someone else's shoes before you can criticize them. Thankful for his country and the freedoms we enjoy. He is glad he served his country. It was a sweet moment for my kids to "remember" and to "cherish".  I know that it is one that I will never forget.  I wrote it in my journal how thankful I was for my heritage and for grandparents who are still living.  It is a great BLESSING!

Speaking of BLESSINGS... This is another one of mine:) Miss Alisa was so sweet to offer to have Preston come be part of the "boys" for the weekend.  She even had to clean up Preston's Puke after gagging up his veggies:)  This kid refuses to eat anything healthy.  Although- I must say that last night he ate a tiny piece of spinach sandwiched in between two pieces of ham.  At least he is trying...
Preston had a great time.  He loves going to the house of all boys!  Thanks again Alisa!!!

Then we were off to the airport to pick up our daddy who had been gone on a business trip for 10 long days.  I love this picture of Brynlee's face. Can you tell that she has a "thing" for her daddy?  She truly loves her dad and has a real sweet bond with him.  I too have a "thing" for this guy.  I am so HAPPY he is home SAFE!

We then hurried home and made dinner for our Papa and surprised him with a little retirement party.  The kids made posters, we gave him a survival kit, and had a yummy dinner.
 It is always fun when grandparents come to town!
(Now that he is retired we hope to see them often)

Aunt Jeanies funeral

My sweet grandma Hansen is on the far right.  Isn't she so pretty?  I love her so very much. I am so thankful for her in many ways.  I am so HAPPY to live near her.  This last weekend her youngest sister passed away from cancer.  Aunt Jeanie was so special to me because I knew her and her kids the best. They lived near us.  They also were very musical and they sang at my mission homecoming as well as my wedding. In fact the song "Gentle" by Michael Mclain is one that became very special to me while serving my mission.  I asked my Aunt Jeanie if her and her girls would sing it at my homecoming, which they did with no hesitiation.  Well little did I know that Aunt Jeanie would have that sung by her daughters at her funeral.  That was a sweet moment for me personally.  
My grandma comes from a family of 7 sisters and 1 brother.  It went Mable, Dott, Sarah, Wilma, Rachel, Margaret, and Jeanie. In this photo above is all the sisters still alive and ticking. 
Whether they want to be or not:)
Sarah 94 Wilma 91 Rachel 89 and Grandma 86.
They are all so precious!

Aunt Wilma has not lost her sense of humor, that is for sure!

I LOVE this picture of my brother with Grandpa Hansen.  Our Grandpa is always up to tell us a good/naughty joke, give us advice, or tell us a good story!  He will soon be 89.

My two favorite women who have taught me everything I know:)

This is the home of the Davenport family. It is still standing and being lived in today. My Grandma Hansen grew up with her parents and 9 children in this home in the town of Paragonah, Utah.
Wow- how times have changed!


I sure love my momma.  I am so thankful for her gift of listening to the spirit and then acting upon it.
Mom started this tradition 15 years ago when the Holy Ghost prompted her to start this as a tradition with her daughter, step daughter, and daughter in laws in hopes that we would feel stregnthened and develop stronger friendships in the process. Even though we haven't always been "all" together every year, we have never missed a year.   I hope she can see that it is a success and that this is a lasting legacy.   I look forward to the day that my daughters will join us and then my grandaughters, etc...

I think Jaclyn knew I was up to something. Just look at her face!  Cracks me up!!!

Granny Joy is almost 65 and so she is a little slower than the rest of us this year...

The rain storm came and it felt like we were back in Oklahoma.  
I decided I could have never been a pioneer!  I am thankful for the things that I learned this year. I learned that I need to set goals and stick to them.  The time is NOW!  I also learned that I need to practice more patience. This was a real eye opener for me.  I need to be patient with myself, with my Father in Heaven, and with my children.  I need to slow down and spend time with my Father in
Heaven and be humble, teachable, and relaxed so I can learn what I must do.  This is hard for me.  Most of you who know me know that I am usually trying to keep up on my home, my kids and my dinner for the night. Then adding in the after school activities especially as they are getting more things they are interested in is making me cRaZy! So trying to fit time in there for me or the Lord is tough because I procrastinate until the day is almost over or over.  So I have made a new commitment to myself and to Him who I love that I will check in daily. I will relax, slow down and take time so I can learn what I must do.  
"Teach me all that I must do to live with thee some day"!  

What a weekend!!!'

First Uncle Mark came to town from Arizona. We sure miss seeing him. We used to see him more often when we lived in Arizona. It has been awhile and so we were very happy to see him!  Just look at the smiles on these cute faces...

Then we had Aunt Jaclyn and Grandma and Papa who came a day early for our 15th year of Women's Conference. We went down to City Creek. Aunt Jaclyn is always fun to be with. We took the Tracks downtown and boy did we see some crazy people:) City Creek is beautiful. What a FUN place!  It is an outdoor mall right down town near the Salt Lake City Temple.  It was a fun day out!

Papa was showing them the fish in a creek that runs through the shopping area.

Sydney is always the first to model for a picture:)

These girls LOVE their Papa!

The Disney store was a BIG hit!  It was all we could do to get our Grandma Joy out of there.  She absolutely LOVES Disneyland!

This Temple makes me so thankful for our pioneers who sacrificed so much for us.

We gave this guy a tip.  Love the sound of bag pipes:)  Always make me feel good.

Preston and Sofie found the water.  Preston joked that he had sweaty arm pits.  What a boy!

They were freezing cold after all the fun was over.  I think we will do this again. 
Anyone want to join us?