Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Persistence pays off!

Sofie and I were having lunch with my sweet friend Alisa and there was a horrible storm. Rain, Thunder, Lightening! We have been under an alert today but do you think Sofie would listen to her mommy?  She kept begging for the swing outside and I kept saying NO,NO,NO.  Well guess who won?  You guessed it...
Sofie Margaret.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wilsons survive their first F1 Tornado

Yes the Wilson's survived their first F1 TORNADO!  This morning at 5:20 we woke up to our phone ringing. It was a service that we payed for that when there is a storm they will call and warn us.  I wasn't sure whether to wake the kids but as soon as I heard the wind I rushed after them but they were already running down the stairs scared to death.  It happened so fast and then it was over just like that. These are some photos of the damage. Our power was out for a few hours. They say this has never happened. I guess we brought it with us.

M&M Day...

M&M Day was called Mothers Day and Missionaries! I loved my mothers day with the missionaries.  It's always fun to have them in our home, but today was extra special. To see their faces as they got to call their moms was so great. These are great Elders and we enjoy them. As you can see our kids adore them. Preston just eats them up because they play ball with him. They come out on a mission for two years and only get to talk to their parents twice a year. Once on Christmas and the other on Mothers Day. What a great sacrafice they make to leave the comforts of home to share the good news of the Gospel. We couldn't let them leave without taking them to "Heaven on an Ironing Board". Talk about funny!!!


How much do I love my mom? Too the moon and back! You will never meet a better one. She means so much to me and I love any chance I get to be with her.  She started a tradition about 10 years ago. She wanted to take me, and her daughter in laws to Womens Confrence.  This is a confrence that is held once a year for our church.  We go for two days and listen to amazing speakers that uplift, encourage, and build our Faith in our role as women and also in our Savior Jesus Christ.  I always go away feeling like I can be a better mommy, wife, and friend and a confidence that I can make a difference. This is a tradition that I look forward to continuing with my 4 sweet daughters. 

Never shop at Cheapo Depo!

Only in OK-LA will you be able to shop at good old Cheapo Depo.  This is one of our few local stores. I went in to check it out and decided I would get some umbrellas because of the Oklahoma weather and this is what happened. We were laughing so hard. 

Family Night With The Roberts

We had such a fun Family Home Evening.( Family Night is when we gather as a family on Mondays and enjoy time together.)  The Roberts family is so great! They have 3 boys and 2 girls and so it is fun to spend time with a family of 5.  They live in a beautiful home and then it leads down these rolling hills to a private pond and then beyond this is the lake.  It is absolutely gorgeous! We enjoyed a wienie roast, bonfire, canoing and a spiritual message.  The kids had so much fun. Preston was in heaven being around BOYS.  Thank you Roberts for a wonderful Family Night!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Burning Twigs in good old OK.

Our neighbors have been so good to help us know what we need to do with all the upkeep of our yard.  We were told that we would need to burn all our twigs, leaves, etc...  Our first thought was "What"? We have never lived in the country like this.  My next thought was "SMORES"!!!  We had so much fun that night except that we were missing Morgan.  She was in the house with a headache.  So I ate a smore for me and a smore for her.