Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at the Wilson's

Princess Books
Wedding Barbies

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Wilson for all the fun packages.  The girls are enjoying keeping their feet warm!
Grandma Joy found the perfect gift for Sofie girl. Sofie has said "Peace out" since she was one and every night before she goes to bed.

Daddy is the cutest man ever!  He hung up fresh mistletoe so he could kiss all his girls on Christmas Day
 To top off our Christmas we had the Bass family over for dinner.  They entertained the children with a cute little story the 3 little pigs.  We enjoy these times to be with friends and will always count our blessings for sending us to Oklahoma so we could meet such wonderful people!  It is the little things we do and say that make a big difference.  This cute little story will always be a special memory of Christmas 2010!
 We love Grandma Sue
 Ready- Set- Fall!
  They all fell over and poor Jo went crashing to the floor! 
It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Memories that will last a lifetime!!!

Christmas Eve dinner with friends.  What a blessing it is to be able to enjoy the Holiday with those we love. Especially when family is so far away.  We had the Bishops, Landrumns, and the missionaries over and had a fun evening.  Our Turkey was taking a very long time cooking and so we visited, played a game and waited for Mr. Turkey and Mr. Wilson to say it was time to eat.  After it was all over with I realized I left the jello salad in the fridge.  It is one of my favorites and the kids love it.  oops I guess that it will have to be for tomorrow with all the left overs.

We love this family.  I love that Sherry can lecture Shan on not sweating the small stuff with the kids.  She teases him that he needs to relax more and let them be little.  She is so fun and her kids are pretty cool too:)

Daddy got the kids serving the missionaries as part of our Christmas gift to them. The kids got to shine their shoes. They enjoyed this.  Afterwards we read the Christmas story, daddy kept Papas tradition alive by doing the Santa Bag and pulling out little funny gifts that fit the kids personalities.  Morgan got a magnifying glass as she is always looking for something that usually is right under her nose. Syd got a calculator so she can start adding and subtracting all the money she continues to add up so she can save her allowance and buy an ipod touch. Sofie got gum so that she will stop dumping mommies looking for gum, Bryn got gummy worms because she likes to sneak around and get in others business and then lie and act like she didn't do anything. Preston got ear warmers to keep on his magic ears that he can wiggle, and mommy got some sleep aid to help get some rest.  The kids were so HAPPY to go to bed as they anticipate Christmas morning.  Sofie is not liking that Santa is coming.  She repeats quite often that she doesn't like Santa.  She is asking about him all night and says he is scary!  Oh how I love this time of year as we create memories that will last a lifetime!

Monday, December 20, 2010

An Eternal Friendship

When we first moved to Grove we had been invited to the Branch for a breakfast.  This is where I met Sherry and her family. She was so sweet and we just started talking to one another.  It was almost like we had known one another before.  It was so easy to talk to her. As she shared some of her story we both got tears in our eyes and I knew that this was a very special lady.  She loves the Lord and has such a good heart and is a very good mom who has had to do it much of the time on her own.  She encourages me to be a better person.  Her oldest Son Nathan joined the church through his wife and they live in Idaho.  This is how Sherry learned about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  She saw the happiness and the wonderful ways that her son was being blessed by his church and it gave her a desire to learn more.  After that morning breakfast she began coming to church often.  My children grew to love Sherry and her kids.  Our Sofie is very attached to Gamma Sherry. It is a blessing to us as our family is far away and a blessing to Sherry as she misses her grand children. Nathan was able to come and baptise his mother. The spirit was so strong and what a great man her son is.  I can see what Sherry must have felt from him because he radiates a light and a goodness.  Her daughter in law couldn't make it but I say thank you to her and her family for their prayers and their desire to share the Gospel to others. It was very special to share in this with an eternal friend. I will treasure this day always!    

Thursday, December 16, 2010


So we got the Bishop family and the Adams family together and went caroling to some of our Branch family.  Shannon was so sweet and actually followed a reciepe and made chocolate chip cookies so we could take them around and wish a Merry Christmas to so many who have blessed our lives.  It was so much fun and when I asked my kids what they liked the most about the night  they said they liked seeing their faces light up as we sang.  We had so much fun that we decided to go around our neighborhood for Family night.  This was extra special as we witnessed them wipe tears as we sang Silent Night.  The spirit was so strong and I know that this will always be a special memory for our family.

Young love...

So the other night we had a knock at the door and this cute boy from Sydney's 4th grade came with his mom to bring Syd a gift.  She was so nervous and it was too cute.  This boy has such a sweet mom who is a teacher and a bus driver.  She drives our kids bus and they just love her so much.  She is so sweet with our kids.  It is such a blessing to know that she is looking out for our little ones.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Branson continued...

How could I forget our little man BUBBA???
He ate some macaroni and cheese...

Outside a little candy store on main street

 Daddy and his girls...  Well all but one:)

Out "Surprise Trip" on Thanksgiving morning...

 We loaded the kids in the car early Thanksgiving morning and told them we were going to do something different this year.  The kids were very curious and asking all sorts of questions.  They kept asking for clues.  When the suitcase came out to the car they were sure we were headed to Utah.  Oh how I wish we could have told them yes to that one.  I think my sweet husband planned this little vacation more for me than the kids.  He knows how hard it is for me to be away from my family. Especially during the Holidays.  He is a wise man:)  I was feeling like this wasn't the "typical" Thanksgiving I am used too but at the same time I was so Thankful for Shan and for him wanting to go and do something fun.  So as we were driving to our destination we hit a snow storm.  I always get nervous in bad weather. I think it is because I lived in Las Vegas and Southern Utah and then much of our married life in Arizona so snow is not something I enjoy.  I don't like to be cold and so I know this is going to be all new to me out here in Okie land.

 Macaroni and cheese for Sofie

Buffet for Syd

Spaghetti for Bryn

Shrimp platter for Morgan and Buffet for Dad

This popsicle stick had 3 plates of the Thanksgiving Buffet...
He informed me that this would be his last time eating Thanksgiving out. 
 He will not let me off the hook next year. 
 I must admit it wasn't the best, but it sure was nice not to have to worry about the mess!
 We had a great trip.  We stayed two nights and the kids enjoyed swimming, shopping, and Krispy Kreme donuts.  It was nice to be with the ones I love most. 
 Thanks again Shan for all you do for our little family.  
I love you!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Tom came to our house...

A few years ago we started a family tradition.  We have a THANKS giving journal and each one of us take a minute the eve of Thanksgiving to write to Turkey Tom and tell him what we are thankful for.  This year our kids had thankful hearts for hugs, kisses, coloring, Grandma Joy and Aunt Jaclyn coming for my birthday, teachers, flowers, the world, my house, my family, friends, and Jesus.  The kids then prepare an apple for Turkey Tom and leave it at the door before going to bed.  Turkey Tom then wobbles to their home and leaves a little surprise and leaves a little message in their thankful journal.  This has become a very fun tradition and it is always fun to read from the years past.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

We LOVE YOU Aunt Jaclyn

When Aunt Jaclyn came to visit she left us all behind a special prize.  She gave the kids all a little something to keep them warm.  Sofie calls her new blankie her "favorite blankie" and The girls were so happy for their new toe sacks.  She even scheduled in a planner she left for me, a date night with Shannon and a little money to go to dinner.  Thanks for being so thoughtful Aunt Jaclyn.  We miss you already. Can you fly back out this next weekend:)  WE LOVE YOU!