Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Time flies...

So this is a picture of all my kids at the door of our friend Lindsay Felsteads Kindergarten classroom.. We met Lindsay in 1998 so I think she was about 8 years old?  Gosh- how time flies. I remember it like it was yesterday when I worked with her amazing mom Alissa and we instantly connected.  It was an eternal friendship and I love this family so much.  So we had to celebrate her new job fresh out of college.  We went over to help her set up the classroom. 
The kids were so excited to see her and help out.    

So PROUD of this girl!!!  I could seriously cry...

Thank you Lindsay for always loving my kids and being an example to them.  Who knows they may follow in your footsteps someday.  They look pretty natural in these photos.  The way time flies it will be here before we know it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Can I just say that this brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it.  I Love my family.  So thankful for my sweet husband and our beautiful children.  I have always loved pictures because they capture the moments that we might soon forget.  I love this photographer because she is my friend.  We met 7 years ago when we became neighbors and I now consider her my sister.  She does great work as you can see she captures the expressions at just the perfect time.  She is a stay at home mom and balances her job as mother and photographer so well.  If you live in Arizona you may want to schedule some holiday pictures with her. Look her up at and I know you will be happy.  Thanks Jen for another round of beautiful summer memories.  
Love ya girl!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dentist + Drugs = DELIRIOUS

Holy cow what a day!  
This was a crazy experience.  
9 cavities later!!!

Sofia and her baby Brookie went shopping with Grandma Rosie and Max to get him ready for his mission.  It was a busy day for Grandma Tricia:)

Rosie was Elder Bass's companion for the week.  Look at their faces.  I wonder if they were getting sick of one another?  hmmm....

Max was so excited and so ready to serve the Lord.
We called our friends the Adams to join us for a going away Family Night.

Look at our faces...

we each took a turn pulling faces and we didn't even know it...

Love these two so very much!

Wonder why this guy is smiling??? Well I will tell...
He ripped a smelly one...

So on a serious "note" Max played our opening song, "Called to serve Him".
I will miss Max playing the piano.  He is so talented!

We all sang and then had a lesson on missionary work.  
It was so neat to have a missionary in our home and it was felt. 
He is ready and people are waiting for him.   

I made this little treat and reminded the kids to open their mouths and let others know that Jesus Christ lives, that families can be together forever and that as you serve others you will always have a smile on your face.  
As you can see we had so much fun with these.  
To make them it is... Apple slices, peanut butter or Nutella and marshmallows.

Rosie had her tissues out and ready.  
We left this morning to take Elder Bass and drop him off
 to the Missionary Training Center. You pull up and drop him off at curb side and these Elders were right there to greet him and help him with his luggage. Then off he goes.
Go forward with Faith Elder Bass!!!

So Sweet to see the love this boy has for his Momma.  
His little chin just quivered as he said good bye to her.  
She has taught him well and now he is off to the best two years of his life!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome to UTAH!

We are so HAPPY!!!  Elder Bass is in the house:)

I saw these chips at the grocery store and thought how cute it would be to greet our missionary who has been called to the Utah mission with some red and white...  then of course I had to get the blue and white for our BYU nut Miss Sydney!

 We can't forget this missionaries momma who is my Oklahoma BFF!!!  I got Sister Sue some "soda" so my little old friend could stay up and party with me:)  We are so happy they are here. My kids truly call Rosie Grandma Rose and Max is a big brother which they call him Big Mac. They are family to us and we will be forever grateful for their friendship!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Story to Tell...

"Mom is school going to be after this sleep"
 "Mom how many more sleeps til school starts"
"Mom you don't have to stay with me"
and the very best one...
"Mom you are going to be bored" I then asked "why" and she says...
"cuz I'm not going to be home".

Does she look ready or what???

"BYE MOM"!!!

This little preschool is just up the street. 
Mrs Sherrie is AMAZING!
So sweet and loves what she does.  I have waited for this day for most of the summer and then it gets here and what did I do?  Got in the car and cried. Came home and finished morning dishes and cried. Hopped on my bed and cried.  Then read a good book and some scriptures and cried.  Said a little prayer and cried. I really wasn't prepared for these emotions.  As I blew a kiss to Sofie she blew one back and it  triggered emotions that I didn't know were there.  My heart felt heavy knowing that she is my last.  Only a few more years of blowing and catching kisses.  That is sad to me. I realize how important it is to slow down and enjoy these moments.  This is a new chapter for me.  My first time in 12 years to have no kids under foot.  I know that it is just 2 and a half hours and I know that this is a time that is well deserved but truthfully...  I am lost.  I don't know anything but what I have been doing?  I am thankful that I know I am not alone. I know that I have a loving Father in Heaven that will help me and He knows how I am feeling.  I know that this is just a new chapter and I will have a new STT.
 "Story To Tell".

So I had to capture this because Preston was so PROUD:)  
He set the table all by himself and he said to me
"Mom isn't this just like a restaurant"?

Check out those napkins!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

New school year off to a great start...

So last week school started and the three girls went with butterflies in their tummy.  I remember those days and as a mom I too have butterflies for them and I think about them all day long. I carry a prayer in my heart that they are feeling good about their new teacher and that they are making new friends and having fun catching up with those last year friends.  I knew that for Syd and Bryn they would not be catching up with those last year friends because again we had them in a new school.  Our kids have experienced change quite a bit over the last few years.  In so many ways I have no regrets.  I feel that it builds character and helps them in social settings but in other ways I want them to feel a sense of security and peace.  After much fasting and prayer we knew that changing schools was what we needed to do.  When I picked the kids up from school they were all SMILES:)  I was so happy for them.  It is so true what they say "your only as happy as your saddest child".  What a relief to see them so HAPPY.  I know we are off to a "good" start!  Morgan called and she was so excited because after meeting with the counselor she was able to change her schedule and she got exactly what she wanted and she got to have classes with one of her good good friends.  She couldn't stop talking about her day.  
It was so fun to have them all wanting to talk about their day and all at the same time and all very loud:)

Then there was this little guy who had to stay home the first day because 1st graders went for just a half hour for testing and then they started the next day.  Preston was so opposite of his sisters. No butterflies for him.  He was up and ready first thing that next morning.  I didn't even get his picture until he came home and poured himself some cereal:) It is so funny to see the difference in boys and girls.  So HAPPY we have this kid!  Just sad to see him growing up so fast!

As for me and Miss Sofie...

We are so HAPPY that summer has come to an END!!!