Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween 2011

Our friends the Adams had invited us- well... Ok maybe I invited us AND everyone else to go over and have pizza and "soda" and hang out in their yard and then go out and knock on some doors for trick or treating fun...

This #1 BYU fan is also a Beecey Fan and loves her almost as much as I do...

Brynlee truly got so many laughs all night for this outfit... Talk about easy and very funny.  Thanks to my Becky Randall friend in Arizona I quickly copied her idea.

Sofie was a darling little cheerleader. She even got to wear it to her big sisters game and go out on the field for a few cheers.  She was too cute.

Ms April is about to POP.  She is so creative and looked adorable.  Baby Layne is due on our Morgans Birthday but I think April is hoping it will be a little sooner...

Shaggy is walking Scooby Doo so he doesn't get out of hand.  I wish I had this when Preston was a little tike!  Max was a huge help all night. Thank goodness for extra helping hands. Sure love Big Mac!

This is Morgan 

and this is Morgan at her BEST! (Pre-teen)

Look at that crowd.  Alisa smiled the entire night and was so good to have us all there. It was a nice night to be outside and the bugs weren't too bad:) That always makes me happy!

Not to be a party pooper but this was such an Oklahoma White Trash moment and it truly fit with our Brynlee Boo's costume.  So on that note. We will flush another Halloween down the toilet because in all honesty it is just not my favorite Holiday.

Because we live in an area where our ward family is so spread out we have been having Grandma Rose over once a week to stay with us while she student teaches in our Grove schools.  It has been so AWESOME!  The kids love it and so do I. I found this upstairs in the playroom and I think it tells you how much we love the Bass family:)  

Sofie was getting her morning loves from her Grandma Rose...

Preston got to dress up for his class for his Halloween party. He was a pretty awesome Scooby Doo!!!

I think we took everything but the kitchen sink for our shop to Joplin.  

Sofie girl loves her babies and to play house. Notice the bottle of real juice. She says it's for her baby dolls. She is so fun to watch as she grows up. She is always in her own little world playing house...

Look at the beautiful 45 minute drive.  It is so pretty. I really love the Fall.  It just makes me get really really really HOMESICK:( I miss the mountains, pine nuts, deer hunts, and FAMILY!

Sofie and "her friends"!  She was chatting with them while I was checking out and getting lot's of looks. She is one, fun little shopper!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good Bye Jo Jo:(

So the kids were so excited to have a sleep over with Jo Jo.  She didn't get to come until quite late on Saturday due to all the activities. Cheer- wedding- Adult session of Stake confrence and Saturday errands.  So by the time she got here I was worried that we would have some cranky kids.  But to my surprise they were very happy.  Probably because Jo Jo was playing beauty salon and doing finger nails and toes.

Sofie girl is such a funny kid.  They should put a warning on the nail polish bottles that says: Do NOT sniff nail polish while wet...  She went to church like this and an older girl handed Sydney a tissue and told her she thought Sofie had a booger:)

Daddy is such a good sport. He is so sweet with our kids. I love watching him. At the wedding he went right up and started dancing with his girls.  

Morgan did such a great job with her spider on dads big toe.  
I think it bit me in the night:)

Morgan did a great job on Jo's

Check out those nails.  It is a bat on her ring finger...
Thank you Jo Jo for making memories.  We will miss you but are so excited for this new chapter in your life.  Hope you enjoy those rocky mountains in Colorado!
Good Bye Jo Jo...:(

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Safari

So we went to the Dentist in Siloam Springs which is about an hour and 15 minutes away from our home.  It was the first day of fall break and so we decided to make a day of it.  The kids all had their parent teacher confrences and we were so pleased with all of them.  They ALL had straight A's... We pay our kids for their A's and so this was going to be a BIG payment out of dad's pocket book.  You could tell by his face that he couldn't have been happier about giving his kids their well deserved earnings.  I also felt they needed to be rewarded and so I took them to this Safari in Gentry.  What a BLAST!  You start out by driving on this long journey in the car searching for the animals.  Your asked not to feed them but I just had to get them close for pictures so I started feeding them bread.

This is so amazing how close they would come up to the car.

Yes these monkeys were so funny. They were all over our car and the kids were screaming and freaking out.  I was laughing so hard and we stayed in this area for quite awhile because I loved teasing the kids as well as the monkeys with the bread...

Do those faces just crack you up?  They truly were so SCARED!

Then we got out and found the baby monkeys at the petting zoo.  They were just about to take them in because it was starting to get pretty cold.  We got there just in time.  The lady suggested that Preston stay out but after many tears she said "He is ok let him come in" and look at how much this monkey loved him:)

and also Morgan.  She was loving this almost as much as her new little friend was...

The monkeys are used to grooming one another and so he loved digging through Prestons hair and trying to pick his moles.  Preston was all giggles...  He even picked in his ear.

The monkeys were pretty excited about this cute little girl. It made me a little bit nervous...

The monkeys were so cute with Morgan. They loved her hair and the strings on her sweat shirt.

Sofie loved the petting zoo

Preston got a kick out of the pigs.

so did our Sofie girl...

Brynlee was trying to say she wasn't nervous but she was not sure about petting these animals.  She was a good sport and still had a smile for her momma...

Such a fun day.  I sure do love these kids and am so proud of them.  They truly are as wild and crazy as most of the animals we saw.  But boy do we love them!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Farewell Fish Fry with Friends

Preston was hands on with helping me with the cocunut shrimp!

This is Elder Tabao and Shan. He gave Shan what I call a skirt:). He has been serving for two years as a missionary for our church and is getting ready to go home.  He is from the Gilbert Islands. He is a very awesome young man.  Our family was blessed to know him and learn from him. He shared his testimony with us in his native tongue. It was such a wonderful night.  

The Bullens came over as well. Sister Bullen was a lady that was not active in our church for a number of years.  She never lost her beliefs but just fell away due to be offended and then not feeling comfortable when she moved.  Her husband is not a member but is learning about the church and comes with his sweet wife.  Yes- she came back and we are so happy.  Shan was able to visit with them and meet them and then I heard she was in the hospital and would go and visit her and we had an instant connection:)  Truly- I always went away feeling she was blessing me.

Sydney taught a family home evening lesson and it was alot of FUN!

Look at that good lookin bunch...

Elder Smith will still be with us and oh how we love this kid.  He is such an amazing missionary and we are excited to get to know him more.  We still need to take him to heaven on an ironing board...