Tuesday, September 30, 2014


My mom knows how much I hate it and so one day she brought me a plaque with this quote from Thomas S Monson. 

"If you are still in the process of raising children, be aware that the piles and piles of 
will disappear all too soon and that you will , to your surprise,  miss them profoundly".

Thanks Mom...

Go Utes???

Preston got to go to the Utah football game with his dad.  Sydney was not very happy because she is a BYU girl through and through.  I must admit that I am too:). So we aren't sure we want to cheer them on. Preston changes his mind on which team he likes the most. I think it depends on his friends and their influence. In our old neighborhood we had a lot of Ute fans which I think may have changed him from blue to red.  Little Stinker!!!  I love these pics.
 So thankful that I have my boys!

Nothing is better than Grandma!!!

I love this granny so much.  She has diabetes and was so excited to have a real Coke with her lunch.  She stays so disciplined most of the time and so its so cute to watch her when she cheats.  She sips on it and acts like she has died and gone to heaven.  I am so thankful to live right up the street from her now.  I love our outs to Walmart, Smiths, 
or to lunch. I love the things I learn from her.  As she has been getting older she has shared that it is hard. It takes a lot of courage.  She told me that a few years ago she was driving home from the grocery store feeling sorry for herself. She hates all the stupid things she says and does as she gets old. She then said that she had this warm feeling come into her heart and she knew and felt the love that Heavenly Father had for her.  I was so thankful that she shared that with me.  I will cherish this memory forever.  She is so special. 
There is nothing better than Grandma!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Friendships are Blooming

I love this picture of my girls and some of their friends from Young Women's. They walked home from church together and took this photo.  It is so nice for them to have a larger group of girls. In Oklahoma there was only a few and then when we moved to Cottonwood Heights there was even fewer which was a big surprise to us coming back to Utah.  Their first Sunday they were welcomed with hugs and it made the transition so easy.

Morgan has such a fun group of friends.  She is blessed because none of them get jealous of one another. None of them talk behind backs.  They all get along great.  I hope this never changes because it is fun for all of them.  This picture was taken after a Brighton High football game. I told them I would take them to In-n-Out if they won the game.  So I put down my seats in the van and loaded them all in and they sang to music the whole way there.  It was fun to chaperone all these great kids!
It is nice to see friendships blooming!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


This was a very special evening.  Yes- because we got to go to the Conference Center and listen to our General Women's Presidency's as they testified of our Savior Jesus Christ, womanhood, and our role as mothers. But more because I was with my mom.  I have been away from my mom for most of my married life and so to be able to live within 4 1/2 hours from my mom has been a treat.  It was special to be in this setting among thousands of women with her by my side.  
So thankful that she could be with me:) 

2013…St.George Trip

This is why it is bad to get so behind on blogging.  I want to say we went to St. George because Shannon's cousin Jenny was getting married.  But I had to post these fun memories of being with cousins. Going to Lunch, Having a treat at Swig, and Sydney having fun playing Photographer.  She really does a great job!




         WHO GROW UP


2013… Tammy's celebration


I have always loved my grandma Hansen's side of the family.  My grandma grew up with 5 sisters and 1 brother.  The sisters were very close. Always getting together for Education days and later on they began having sister parties in my grandparents Nephi home.  They were talented.  Singing, playing instruments, poetry, skits, and just plain out being their funny selves.
My Grandma Hansen is one of 3 sisters that are still living.  
Aunt Sara and Aunt Wilma and Grandma.
This picture is special to me for lot's of reasons. Because this is a few of my Aunt Jeanies daughters who lost their mom less than a year ago, and they sang at my wedding reception an have always been role models to me.  They live such Christ Centered lives and always have a hug and a smile. This was a special day because my moms cousin Tammy who is in the pink shirt has been battling breast cancer and was finally in remission. She wanted to come to Paragonah and celebrate by singing with her family. My Grandma Hansen was so excited about it and it worked out perfect because we were heading down to St.George that same weekend. So she came with us and then went home with my parents who were going up North in preparation for my moms knee surgery. My Aunt Wilma, in the wheelchair, has always had a sense of humor and you can tell as she is posing for this picture.   A side note now that we are in 2014. Tammy and her husband are now serving a mission in England.

2013… Preston was baptized Aug.31 2013

A few days after getting the keys to our home Preston was Baptized as a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints. We chose to do it in our ward that we were moving from.  We loved our ward family!  It was a very special day.  His sisters gave talks on baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost and his cousins sang a primary song.  It was so neat to have our family and friends there to support him.  After he was confirmed he sat down and the tears started to stream down his little cheeks. He felt the spirit and it was a very tender moment as I put my arm around him and let him know to always remember those feelings because they are the whisperings of the spirit letting him know that what he did was right.  After the baptism we had a nice family dinner in the cultural hall with Prestons favorite meal, Spaghetti and french bread.  And another favorite of his is Chocolate sheet cake. Preston handed out chocolate covered pretzels that said 
"Thank you for helping me hold to the iron rod".
I know that it takes a village to raise our kids and I am forever thankful for all of you who have influenced our family for good!!! 
We are blessed.

Catching up on 2013...Moving on the first day of school

We got the keys the day before the kids started school.  It was very busy and stressful trying to pack and make sure kids got to school on time.  The younger kids started at a new Elementary.  They have had so much change over the last 3 years.  I hope we can finally settle down.

First day of school and guess who started Kindergarten?  
Sofie girl!!!

Boy was I one  HAPPY momma…