Friday, February 7, 2014

Our little miracle

A week before going to Oklahoma to help my friend Rose with her knee surgery we had a RS leadership Sunday Social.  It was nice to sit in the Sharp's backyard 
and enjoy eating homemade
 ice cream and visiting with our ward family.  The subject of us buying a home in the neighborhood came up, as it often did.  Our sweet Bishop Davis was always letting us know when a house was listed. We loved the neighborhood, the schools for our kids, the commute for Shannon's job.  We were trying to be patient and wait for something to come available.  We also didn't know if we could purchase due to our short sale 41/2 years ago.  As we were going home we saw a home on Parkridge that we thought we should call on.  After looking we knew it would need quite a bit of work for the price but it started making Shannon think about ways for us to come up with a down payment through some of his investments. This got me so excited and hopeful.  I had recently had to leave church in tears as the lesson was on blooming where your planted.  I cried because I wanted to bloom but didn't feel planted.  We have been moving and renting quite a bit since Shan was laid off in Arizona.  I was ready to settle down. So I started really looking on line.  While I was in Oklahoma I saw this home in this photo.  I LOVED IT!!!  I called Shannon and told him that they were having an open house on it the next day, (Saturday). When I called Shan to see what him and the kids thought he said that I would probably like it.  He told me that the kids really liked it and that we would come see it again on Sunday when he picked me up from the airport.  He was right.
That night all I could think about was this home.  It is only 9 blocks East of my grandparents who I love so much. I help them a few times during the week and so it would make me that much closer to them.  It was around the corner from my Best Friend Alissa's work.  I couldn't believe it.   The home was move in ready.  It had been remodeled, had a kitchen downstairs with a good sized bathroom, and 3 bedrooms.  I was so hopeful.  Monday the relater called and told Shan that someone had put an offer on the home.  This meant that we had to hurry and decide if we wanted to as well.  YES YES YES. I was so happy that Shan would have to make a decision fast or he would never make one:)  The poor guy was sick to his stomach and white as a ghost.  He didn't feel as "good" as I did. After coming home we were all so happy except for him.  I went out with my friend Alissa for a bit and then the kids called me in tears saying that daddy had backed out of the offer and when I talked to him he said he calculated our finances wrong and it wasn't going to work.  It was a horrible night at the Wilson home.  Kids cried and cried.  Morgan said "I fasted and prayed and felt so good about that house. How could it not work out"? I was trying not to be angry, sad, mad, you name it.  I was not wanting to make Shannon feel any worse than he already did.  I don't think he got much sleep that night and I know I didn't. 
The next morning was a stormy day and our power was out.  I went to the kitchen poured me a bowl of cereal and opened my scriptures.  I started reading about being patient in afflictions.  I knew this was what I needed to hear.  I needed more patience because I just wanted it right now!  Morgan came into the kitchen to eat and I told her what I was thinking.  Soon after, I felt like I should call my brother Tyler for some advice.  He said "Tell Shannon to call me, you guys can make it work".  I called Shannon at work and he said he would, but was really busy.  
We got ready to take Brynlee over to my friend Alissa's for a perm that she had been begging for.  All the kids were with me except for Syd.  She was babysitting.  On the drive I was still feeling heavy hearted so I put in my church CD.  Church music always makes me feel better.  I asked Morgan to say a prayer on our way over to her house just because all of the kids were feeling sad.  It was a sweet prayer.  She asked for understanding and for patience and that daddy would be comforted as he works so hard to provide for our family.  As we were driving my cell phone rang. It was Shan.  He asked what I was doing and I told him.  I asked if he got ahold of my brother and he said yes.  He then said "I got called in to my bosses office".  My heart sank as I replied "why"?  He explained that his boss wanted to thank Shannon for how hard he has been working and felt it was time to give him a raise.  This was our answer!!! I began to cry.  Morgan started to cry, and the kids just all started cheering!!!  Morgan said something that I will always treasure.  "I was beginning to doubt the Lord because it felt so right as I fasted, but now I know that He is really there for me".  If this is why we had to go through all this, then it was worth just that.  That Morgan could receive an answer and her testimony could be strengthened.  Shan then contacted the realtor and was told that the other couple had not committed and so we could continue moving forward if we wanted to.  Of course to me this was all working out because it was the right home for us, but Shannon was still not convinced. UGH!!!   

Bryns Perm turned out so cute.  She had to share some hair with her daddy:)

SO this story will continue later in another post...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


It is funny how blessings work through other people.  My friend Rosie, who is living in Oklahoma was told that she was going to need knee surgery.  She was very nervous about this.  She hasn't had to be in hospitals very often and her kids are living away from her. She doesn't have a lot of family or friend support as she just moved to a new area.  I was feeling strongly that I should look into going out to help her.  After checking flights and discussing it with Shannon I asked her if she would like me to come out and help her for a few days.  She was so thankful that I would want to do this.  
Well lets just say that this was more of a blessing for me than it was for her.  Because of summer, five kids, and my anxiety/depression, I needed HER!  It was so nice to help her and to watch her on her heavy meds as she was in and out of sleep.  We had some good laughs.  But the best part was being on her couch, watching movies, being together and "sleeping"! You don't realize how nice it is to get away from the every day mommy life once in awhile.
Rosie will always be my little BLESSING!!!

Sydney goes to the Temple

      This was a very special day for our Sydney.  It was her first time going to do Baptisms for the dead.  She was so excited about this.  I look at this picture of my oldest daughters and it brings tears to my eyes.  They are growing up so quickly and I am so thankful for each of them.  They are so different in many ways. But one thing they are alike in, is that they both desire to do what is right and they both have very high standards.  I love that they are different from one another because what one's strength may be, may help the other one.  I know that Sydney brings out the FUN in Morgan and I know that Morgan helps Sydney want to do her best in school. They balance one another in many ways.  

 So my memory of this day will be a few things.  I was able to participate since it was Sydney's first time doing Baptisms for the dead.  I was able to be baptized by Shannon.  This was a very sweet experience for me.  I will also remember wrapping the towel around Sydney as she came out from the font and the special feelings I had for her.  I LOVE her so much!  The last is a little bit funny.  We lost Syds wet underwear and they were no where to be found.  oopsie:)  Her hair also got stuck on the locker.  We laughed about this for a long time.

   We ended the night by having dinner in the Temple Cafeteria.  What a blessing the Temple is in our lives.  I am so thankful for the knowledge that 
Families can be together forever.
I always want to be with my own family!!!

Prestons trip to Nauvoo

Each time we go to Nauvoo I learn something new.  You would think that after going for the fourth time that we would feel bored with it.  There is something about "Old Nauvoo" that makes you feel a deep appreciation for those pioneers with great faith.  I remember feeling a greater desire to be more charitable, to honor my covenants, and to go to the Temple often.  Prestons favorite part was the plays.  He loved all the performances.  He was so cute.  
It is my prayer that this will be the start to growing his testimony of the restored gospel.  That he will remember these stories of the early saints and their excitement of knowing that there was a living prophet on the earth. That the Book of Mormon was another testament of Jesus Christ.
Preston we love you and we are excited for your desire to be baptized!!!

Cousin FUN

Went out to dinner at Dickies BBQ.
 Korbin was loving the all you can eat ice cream

Spent an entire day at the water park!
Look at those red faces…
Where was daddy with the sunscreen???

This was really an awesome moment at the Ute Stampede in Nephi. I took this photo just so I could remember what I love about our Papa.  He has such a tender heart and can show his emotions pretty easy.  As they sang "Proud to be an American" and this flag flew in from the sky and then all these soldiers caught it there was nothing but silence and tears.  I had the goose bumps.  It really made me stop for a moment and reflect on all the freedoms I enjoy.

I just LOVE this picture of my cowboy and his Grandma Joy!!!

This was so CLOSE to us that pieces of fireworks were flying all around us.

It was the closest I have ever been to them and I was freaking out myself.  I didn't get a picture of Korbin but he started to yell, scream and cry as one touched his skin.  He ran clear out of the stadium.  This last photo is some of the left overs from it.

I don't think we will ever forget this experience!!!