Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Tom came to our house...

A few years ago we started a family tradition.  We have a THANKS giving journal and each one of us take a minute the eve of Thanksgiving to write to Turkey Tom and tell him what we are thankful for.  This year our kids had thankful hearts for hugs, kisses, coloring, Grandma Joy and Aunt Jaclyn coming for my birthday, teachers, flowers, the world, my house, my family, friends, and Jesus.  The kids then prepare an apple for Turkey Tom and leave it at the door before going to bed.  Turkey Tom then wobbles to their home and leaves a little surprise and leaves a little message in their thankful journal.  This has become a very fun tradition and it is always fun to read from the years past.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

We LOVE YOU Aunt Jaclyn

When Aunt Jaclyn came to visit she left us all behind a special prize.  She gave the kids all a little something to keep them warm.  Sofie calls her new blankie her "favorite blankie" and The girls were so happy for their new toe sacks.  She even scheduled in a planner she left for me, a date night with Shannon and a little money to go to dinner.  Thanks for being so thoughtful Aunt Jaclyn.  We miss you already. Can you fly back out this next weekend:)  WE LOVE YOU!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daddy and his GIRLS

I just wanted to write about what happened this morning.  Daddy was getting ready to leave for work.  Sofie was in the hall near the garage door as he was leaving.  He had already given his morning kisses good bye but she had to say "Hold on daddy Hold on,  watch my trick" as she began to dance on her tip toes.  He smiled at her and told her good job and then said goodbye and she then said "Hold on dad hold on, you didn't give me a kiss" and so he leans down for one more kiss.  He says goodbye AGAIN and she then says "Hold on daddy hold on, you didn't give me a hug" and she had her hands out and was blinking her eyes as if she was flirting with him.  He was loving every minute of it.  You could see it in his eyes.  All these girls in the house sure makes our home a little DRAMATIC.  We are enjoying this age as Sofie is so expressive and talkative.  She keeps us all laughing.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


 Yes my mom was a BIG surprise.  I had NO idea that she was going to come along with Jaclyn.  I started to scream very loud.  So loud that my mother was telling me to be quiet.  She kept coming towards me and for some reason I kept backing away from her in total shock.  I couldn't believe she was here.  When we finally embraced I broke into tears.  I was so HAPPY!!!
After enjoying a nice dinner at the Red Lobster we drove back home and picked up Sofie from Grandma Rose and shopped for some wrapping paper so that Grandma Joy could be Morgans present for her Birthday.  A few weeks ago as Morgan was talking to her Grandma Joy on the phone she told her that all she wanted for her birthday was to have Grandma come to see her.  Little did she know that her birthday wish was coming true...

I love these photos of the kids.  They were so HAPPY!  Look at their smiles:)
Little Syd was crying so hard from the excitement...  
It must be because she is named after her Grandma "Joy"
It is moments like these that are priceless.  A memory that will be treasured for a lifetime.  How blessed we are to have families and to have the knowledge that Families are together FOREVER...

We LOVE you...
I was so excited because my sister in law was coming out for a visit.  She would be my first visitor since our move.  I had all my kids taken care of.  The girls were going to stay at their piano teachers house.  Preston at his girlfriends:) and Sofie at grandma Rose's house.  I drove to Tulsa feeling so thankful for all our sweet friends who seem to always be there when I need a helping hand.  Shannon was still in Vegas and so I needed some help while picking her up at the airport.  

I was so happy to see her.  We got her bag and were headed out to the car when she then informed me that she left her carry-on on the airplane.  I immediately hunt down a security lady and she gets on her walkie talkie and stops the plane while they look for her bag.  I am stressing out thinking about what Tad (my brother) is going to think when it is going to cost them money for her bag to be shipped home if it can't be located.  My sister in law Jaclyn, is now recording me on her camera and just acting like she is not worried at all and then when I turn around to talk to the security lady again I could not believe who was standing there....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Trophy Boy

Flag Football is over so...

 let's have a Pizza Party!

Preston's coach was the most patient guy ever.  He really worked hard with Preston.  We didn't know if Preston was going to stick it out for the season.  Flag Football was just not his thing.  By the end though he was finally getting into it thanks to his coach.

Look at this handsome boy.  He will always be my trophy boy because he is my one and only.  He is at such a fun age and he sure loves his mama and I sure do love him:)

Monday, November 1, 2010

How do you think I like this Holiday???

Just as much as my Sofie girl!

So this is why I am not so fond of Halloween.  I ran around like a crazy woman trying to get these salt and peppers together.  They turned out so cute except that Preston through a MAJOR fit the morning of school refusing to put the plastic over his body.  Well in the first place I was not going to go to any hastle to make costumes because for one Shannon always leaves me on a business trip every year and two, it takes a lot of time to do the creative stuff.  Well my grandma Hansen who knows me well sent me a fun package in the mail with like 6 magazines full of fun Fall ideas.  So as I thumb through I find this costume and then I was hooked.  So I had Bryn and Preston on board with the idea.  I had to travel an hour away from home to find the Styrofoam balls and then they just kept falling out.  It turned into my worst nightmare.  Preston was all tears and so I convinced him just to go to school in it and then if he didn't like it he could change.  I bet we weren't in the classroom two seconds and the tears started to fall down his cheeks.  So we quickly went into the bathroom and changed him into a...


On Halloween night we got dressed up and met friends at our local Civic Center.  Because we live in the Bible belt we often have church sponsored events.  This was put together by a local church.  They had indoor games and activities for the kids.  They had a good time except that it was very crowded and they didn't get to play very many games.  They were a little disappointed that they didn't get much candy but I was thrilled:)

Because Shannon was out of town Rose came to my rescue "again".  She expressed to me that I should dress up with my kiddos and so I thought about it and decided that we should be "TWO PEAS IN A POD".  This really fits us as we are so much alike in many ways.  She was a very big help to me and the kids.  Thanks for being my friend SUE:)

 If you could have seen Preston when he saw "Waldo" show up.  He was laughing so hard!  It was a priceless moment.  Preston loves Max so much, and for that matter we all do! 


Happy Halloween and remember next year the Wilson's 
might be at home eating candy and hanging out in our pajamas...