Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mom is it 6:00?

I love this Kid!  He hurried home from school and went right in and put on his baseball clothes for his first practice. He put his bag over his shoulders and toted that thing around all afternoon. 6:00 could NOT come fast enough!  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oakie Reunion=A HOUSE FULL OF FUN!

So this past weekend we had planned to have all our Oakie friends reunite as we have all, well "the smart ones"  moved out West:)  The Bishop family drove down from Idaho.  The kids were so excited for them to get here. They could hardly stand it!  to be honest I was starting to get a little fit to be tied, as my mother or grandmother would say.  So they had not even been here for 15 minutes when Ashlyn came running up the stairs to show her mom and dad her 2 teeth that were missing. So guess who the dentist was that pulled them???

Yes- our Sydney!  She is the BEST at pulling teeth at our house.  I had just been telling them to watch out because Syd will want to play dentist.  Little did we know that she would actually master pulling two teeth and with NO tears!!!  Sydney absolutely LOVES this little girl and her family.  She was so cute the whole night with her.  She got her all dressed up for the gymnastics meet that night and they were like little twins. Glued at the hip...

Soon after they were here we heard a horn honking and we all went out to welcome the Adams who came from just across the Valley.  They live only 20 minutes from us and we are so happy they are close... Especially Morgan.  She loves Alicia and her boys:)  As we were waiting for the Emro's and Rosie to arrive from Idaho we went ahead and ordered some good old...  Little Ceasars!!!  
Gotta love a cheap meal... and EASY when you have a house full of FUN!

So as we kiss our hubbies goodbye. We send them to a indoor play place with the little one's and hop in our cars to head down to the gymnastics Pac 12 Conference. As we are parking, I notice that there are not very many cars and that it just doesn't seem right.  We start to venture towards the Huntsman Center and I start to second guess myself.  I knew I had too of messed up on the dates.  Just then a lady rolls down her window and asks if we were coming for the Gymnastis meet.  We tell her yes and she informs us that it is tomorrow... I guess that we weren't the only ones.  I felt TERRIBLE!  So none the less we partied anyway.  We went to the Gateway for some great laughs, good chocolate and carmaled apples, and some LONG walks back to our cars... It truly was so FUN to be together and to LAUGH!  

The Emro's spent the weekend with us and it was so fun to have them stick around.  Even though they had sick kids:(  Becky has a very sweet husband who took care of the sick ones while us girls went on a little shop and lunch.  Nothing better than slurping on a chocolate shake with momma...

This picture is too FUNNY!  We got home after going out for the day and then realized that we needed to run back to the store for a few things for dinner that night. Morgan had asked me if she could go and I told her no because she had been with us all morning and that the other kids would all want to go. Rose jumped in the car with me and off we went.  the trunk light was open and so I pulled over and quickly shut it and then we drove off to Target.  Just as we were entering the store Rose got a text on her phone and she said in an alarming voice- "Oh my gosh- Morgan just texted me and it says don't leave me in the trunk".  I then realized what that little stink had done.  Sure enough we go open the trunk and there she was!  Oh she sure thought she was funny. Honestly- so did I:)  She is one smart girl!!! 
 Got me this time Morgan Lee...

That night we had spaghetti dinner and then hurried down to the Huntsman Center for the Pac 12 Gymnastics.  I felt so bad that it was only Rose, Becky, me and my kiddos who ended up going.  Amanda Bishop texted to say that her little girl was also sick and so they wouldn't be coming.  

After we got down there and it was so exciting I called Shan and had him bring down Sofie girl.  I was so glad he did.  It was too FUN to miss!  Utah placed 2nd and it was a very close meet.  We had such great seats for only paying $5.00 and I can't wait for next season:)

Adding some hair growth to daddies hair:)

The weekend ended with Sunday dinner and a Chocolate fight with frosting from a sheet cake I was making...  Look at the mess they made on themselves!!! 
 Rosie always brings some CRAZY FUN to the Wilson's home...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some Bunny Loves Rosie... Dearly!

So my Best Oklahoma friend came out for a visit and we surprised the kids!  I am going to try and have Morgan help me get it on my blog because it is priceless.  We told Sofie that we were going to the airport to pick up one of Grandma Joys friends.  She was a little confused as to why she had to hold up a sign and put bunny ears on for someone she didn't know.  You could tell she was a little nervous.  Until she saw Rosie:)  It was too sweet as we walked out of the airport and Sofie was holding Rosies hand.  She looked up at her Grandma Joy and said "she is not your friend she is MY best friend".  It was so funny!!!   As you can see I am wearing a wig. This has a story behind it as it was the start of a sweet friendship between Rosie and I.  So I just had to wear it in honor of her...
So then we hurried home so we could surprise Morgan. She had just got home from school and so my mom and I came in and were visiting with her in the kitchen when Rose knocked on the back door.  When Morgan looked over at the door Morgan just screamed with excitement and then broke into tears of JOY!  Then we plotted the next plan to surprise the other kids when they got home.  Rose and Sofie went downstairs and were going to come up, but the kids ended up having friends come over after school and they just quickly headed down the stairs so it was perfect!  They were all so happy!!! Syd cried and the others jumped up and down as they heard that she was having a sleep over.   They were also asking for Max and were so sad that he wasn't part of the surprise.  He truly is like a big brother to the kids.  These guys were our family for two years and we love them DEARLY!!!

The next day I had planned to go to birthday lunch with my Best Oklahoma and Utah friend Alicia.  It worked out so perfect.  She of course, was on time and me of course, was running late.  So she got us a seat.  I loved it because she asked me on the phone if we needed seats for 3 adults and 2 kids and I just smiled because little did she know I had a Big surprise!  After we sat down and started chatting our friend Rosie came up and just got her...  Alicia just sweetly broke into tears.  Rose had a great influence on Alicia growing up and they share many fun times together. This is just one more of those fun times for them:)  It was such a beautiful day as we ate and shopped at Gardner Village.  

FUN day out with HER FRIENDS and MY FRIEND... and Gomma Joy!

So thankful to be back near "MY FRIEND" Alissa!  She called to invite Sofie to go with her grandaughter and a friend to an indoor play area with rides and games. It was a busy day because Grandma Joy was coming and we had planned to meet my moms cousin Jan for lunch, so after making the mistake of telling Sofie about it she would not let it go until she saw "HER FRIENDS".  She loves being with "HER FRIENDS" and  I love being with "MY FRIEND" so it is always so much FUN when we can get together with them.

Look at these naughty girls???  Look who is the leader of the pack?  Not Sofie...

Look who came to get us for lunch. Our "Gomma Joy"!!!
Such a fun day out...

Our Brynlee is 9 going on 21...

It has been a very long time since I last posted. My camera broke and so now I am using the girls camera because I have to send mine in. Which means I have to get to the post office, which means that it might be awhile:) I have also been trying to get organized and adjusting still to our move.  It is taking me some time.  Yet- I am so happy.  My days are filled with outings with my Grandma Hansen or shooting hoops at Mcdonalds with Preston, and somedays just watching miss Sofie play house.  Whatever it is that I am doing it just seems that the days are going so quickly.  Maybe it is the time change?  Any thoughts???  Ok so back to my post about our 9 year old Bryn who thinks she is 21.  She is so much FUN right now as she is expressive and flirtatious and full of life.  She was so excited to be able to spend her birthday at the mall with one of her best friends Kimmie who used to live near us when we lived in South Jordan.  These two knew what stores they wanted to go too and they were all over it.  Shannon and I got to go out with them and we just sat back and shook our heads.  Our Bryn just makes us smile.  We are so happy that she is in our family.  It is not easy being sandwiched in the middle but she really tries not to complain.  She is such a good helper around the house. She is very fussy.  She knows what she likes, what she wants, and how to get it:)  How in the world could she already be 9.  I still remember them letting me cut the cord when she was born and then placing her right to my chest.  I remember her sweet little face and blue lips as she looked at me for the first time.  She was so little and so precious.  
We love you Brynlee Boo