Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Piano Recital 2013

These kids LOVE their piano teacher! She is such an amazing teacher and has such a gift with motivating our kids.  Brynlee was wanting to quit and so when I called her she asked if she could take Bryn for ice-cream and then over to the piano book store and look for some books she might enjoy playing.  Now who does that for their students?  
Only Alicia Freeman!!!

The Polar Express 2013

 Grandma Joy and Papa wanted to have Tiff's little boy Zen go on a "real" train because he is obsessed with them.  So we all went and it was so much fun.  Watching the expressions of each one of the kids was priceless.  Zen was full of information when it came to the train.  My kids loved being with these little cousins and it was well worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Go Brighton!

The kids wanted to go to the Brighton High Football playoffs and so I let them get out of school early and go down to the Utah Utes stadium for the big game. 
It was so stinking cold! 

Beauty is pain!

Sydney wanted her grandma Joy to straighten her hair from an old perm. Grandma used solution to straighten it. Syd went downstairs to rinse it out and used that same towel that had the solution all over it and dried over her face.  All of a sudden she started to get red and then started swelling up.  Her chin got so swollen and started to blister.  I was so worried that we might have to take her into the Dr. but after some benedryl she started getting better.  She had some scabs for about a week.  
Beauty is pain!!!

Morgans 14th birthday- She loved it!

Morgan had her 14th birthday party and we decided to make an annual tradition for all our kids that they can have a sleepover party when they turn 14.  We choose too not let our kids have sleepovers, only late nights and so this was really exciting for Morgan.  Because she loves owls we decided to make these invites. She had it in the basement of our new home.  There is a little kitchen and so she had glass jars with treats, popcorn, and snow cones.  They watched movies on the wall and just hung out. Because I left them alone I didn't take any pictures and I was so sad because it looked so cute.
 She loved it! 

My mom was up here during that time visiting our grandparents and so they wanted to treat her to dinner at her most favorite place to eat, and also most expensive. Red Lobster!
She loved it!

NEW Birthday Tradition...

Now that I 'm living back in Utah I decided to make my friends, (or should I say Sisters) birthday a tradition that we get away from our families and party all weekend.  We went to a cheap hotel and we ate good food, relaxed, and laughed until we wet our pants. 

I had a little theme for her birthday. It was an SDH party for her big 51…
For many of you this won't make any sense but for those few you will know exactly what kind of party we threw:) 

I got some brownies with a fake piece of poop in the middle:)

She bought us some matching pi's to wear and we had the best time ever. 
I will forever be thankful for my friendship with Alissa.  Thanks for being that big sis I never had. My mom was right when she told me I would get to hand pick them:)!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Halloween 2013



Shannon had been out of town to China on business and then we had been to St. George so it felt like we had not seen him for a really really long time.  The kids were so excited to see him.  I think one way that I know I have the best hubby ever is because when he is gone, it is noticed by all of us!  He truly is an amazing father.  He is so fun, dancing around the house, flirting with me to get a reaction from the kids, and the "time" he spends with the kids. He loves to play board games or just sit and watch Their shows. He has personal interviews with them once a month to sit and talk about life.  He truly wants the very best for them. I will always be thankful for that young man who was working with my mom at Shoney's Restaurant so many years ago...