Friday, August 31, 2012

Make it a GOOD one back 2 school Bash...

So here it is the night before school and all through our home, 
the children are fighting and mom hopped in the car and went on a rome... 

The story is that I had spent several days preparing my thoughts, running around town to make things cute for the theme of our traditional Back to school Bash. Our theme for this year is "Make it a GOOD one". I wanted this night to be special and for the kids to feel "good" about a new year of school.  It started out really "good" as we ate finger lickin good chicken nuggets from the kids favorite place Chick-fil-A.  Then we had fruits and veggies that are good for us and...

chocolate milk that does the body good.  
I got the idea to make this our theme after winning this...

I had a friend call me and tell me to go on her friends blog (see here) and comment on her talent.  WOW!  This was such a FUN surprise to be a winner.  She worked in all the colors of my home and what a great reminder it is to all of us. I LOVE it!!!
 Thank you Emily for sharing your talents with our family.

The kids really liked the "goodie" bags that were a reminder to not be ashamed to be "goodie goodies" and to remember that it is what is on the inside that matters most:)

After the dinner the kids went into the living room for a little lesson.  As we started our kids would not listen and I became so frustrated that I hopped in the van and left.  I felt like the adversary was working very hard in our home.  I desire to teach my children to choose good and to make good choices and HE knew I was about to talk with them about this.  It was so strong.  I drove away angry, frustrated and sad. I just cried and prayed that we could get the spirit in our home so we could teach our children and have a fun night as a family.  When I returned home Morgan was in tears and she just hugged me and told me how thankful she was for my example.  Syd was also very sweet and had gathered all the kids together to try it again.  Shannon had felt so discouraged that he went to a priesthood meeting just so he could feel ready to give our kids back to school blessings.  I was happy that he was going because I knew that it would benefit all of us if he did.  Sure enough we had a fun lesson and game while daddy was gone and then he came home with a smile and a hug and a kiss.

 We all gathered in the van and drove over to my grandparents to celebrate my grandmas 87th birthday. She is such a sweet lady and I love her so much. Because Grandma Joy and Papa were up here for a visit we thought it would be extra special for the kids to have them all be there for the kids blessings. It really turned out to be a very special night.  I am so thankful for the power of prayer and that we didn't give up when it would have been easy to do.



This last weekend we started fall soccer.  It is a little bit cRaZy with 3 kids playing and me coaching Prestons team.  I love the smell of the grass and the weather "trying" to cool down.  I think that because I was the only girl and had brothers always playing sports I have childhood memories that make me feel right at home.

Their team names...  
Prestons- The Smurfs, 
Brynlees- The Blue Bommers
and Syds- The Stingers

We picked up Elaina from the airport so we could take her to BYU the next morning.  We met Elaina in Oklahoma while she was visiting her grandparents in our branch/ward.  She was coming out for school from Texas and needed some help settling in...  Our kids were so happy to have her here.  Sofie was her little shadow and had lot's of questions for her.

Look at her smiles as she shops for her dorm...

Thanks Elaina for a fun day on BYU campus.  This was so fun to see all these students getting moved in and to watch the families helping them.  It makes me realize that my kids are going to be here before I know it and that I need to ENJOY my kids before they leave me:(

Monday, August 20, 2012

Wrapping up our summer 2012

This was a fun night of catching up with my companion from my mission.  We served together twice.  She recently got married and because she met him in England that is where they will be living.  We wanted to get together before their departure and so we went out for some Chinese and little did I know it was her birthday. Happy Birthday Jan!  I am so happy for her and it was so nice to meet her husband Jared.  Such fun memories we shared together.

Love this picture!  Syd had been away staying at Grandma Joys and Papas for a week. While she was there she got pneumonia.  We all felt so bad for her.

It was good for these two to have a little break from one another. I am not sure what is happening but there have been more and more cat fights between them.  Oh boy am I in for it if they don't start figuring it out or I will have to bring out CHESTER...

Have I told you how thankful I am for this girl?  She is my right arm at home and while she was away I noticed.  She makes our family laugh often.  It was so hard to have her 4 hours away and very sick.  I just wanted to be there to cuddle her and rub my fingers through her hair and tickle her back.  So sorry that you had to be sick at your grandma and papas Sydo.  Glad your getting better.

We went to a reunion in Nephi and then left from there for St. George so I could have a week of canning with my mom.  I was so excited to finally have some down time and at my mommas:)  On the way down Sofie was so HAPPY and CONTENT because Syd was sharing her Ipod.  Sofie can work this thing so well it scares me.  We recorded her and we all had tears from laughing at her.  
She is our future singer that is for sure.

Sofie had the idea to give her sisters and her cousin Tylee a make over.  Look at her cover her face for this photo.  Do you think she knows that she is in BIG TROUBLE?  Seriously???
What kid does this?

These boys couldn't miss out on the fun.  These two are the only boys in their families and so what more can I say?

These two old farts are troopers.  Papa has a hip that needs surgery and is on crutches until the end of August.  And Granny Joy has arthritis but with little to no complaining they stood over that sink to can stewed tomatoes, mustard pickles, and beets.

When we found out that we would be moving back to Utah this is what I looked forward to.  Being able to give my children a "taste" of what my childhood memories were.  I think it is so important for my girls to watch and to help so that they will catch the spirit of canning:) I enjoyed this so much.
Thank you to my parents for letting us be part of the fun!

My Sister in law Shelly invited us up to Pine Valley where her parents have recently built a cabin.  We went to a small fishin pond which the kids loved as they scooped up fish in nets.  We ate, played games and had a good time.

Put your hands up for a big Thank You to Aunt Shelly and her parents for letting us visit!!!

The next morning we woke early to go fishing with Uncle Tad and his family with his fishing boat.  My kids have begged and begged all summer long for a fishing weekend with their Uncle Tad Bear.
It had been awhile and this poor fish got squeezed to death out of FEAR.  But by the end I was a true fisher women. 

Look at these girls.  They made their momma proud.  Morgan was even baiting the hooks with worms and marsh mellows while I went on the boat with Tad.

Thank you Tad Bear and Jaclyn for putting smiles on these sweet faces.
It was a BLAST even though it was dry and hot.

That night daddy met up with us.  Look who found him!
I was really glad to see him too:)

The next day was Preston's 7th birthday. 
We met Shannons Grandma Wilson and his parents for a bite to eat 
at Cafe Rio before the actual birthday party. 

Can you see they are related???  CRAZY huh?
We love you great grandma!!!

It was nice to spend some time with them.  
We love you Grandma and Gramps!!!

This was a hurry up party for our Preston.  It was his family year so we decided to keep it simple and go to a park that had water and fun.  He ran that morning to pick out his cake with his daddy.  He was all smiles over it.  So fun to have a boy in this house! 

I LOVE this picture of Preston and my dad. 
 It was so good to see him and Hopi.

The cousins played splish splish splash like duck duck goose. 

I think these faces would tell you that they had a great time.

Preston was so excited about all his gifts but when he opened up his gift from his Grandma and Grandpa Wilson he went crazy!  PUMA SHOES!!!  He has been begging for these since Christmas last year.  Look at the smile on his face...  
Now the trick is trying to keep him from wearing them til school starts.

Happy Birthday Bubba.  
We can't believe that you are now a BIG SEVEN!!!

This is David Barwick. 
We were invited to see him and his beautiful bride married in the Temple this morning. What a treat this was.  Shannon and his dad served together in the bishopric in Arizona.  He was just a boy then... It is a wonderful thing to watch how making good choices then leads to eternal blessings now!!!  Such a great group of young men and women in that ward!  Sofie was 9 months when we moved. Look at her now.

His sister Emily was my adopted oldest daughter. She was over at our house often and was my built in baby sitter.  Gosh- I seriously don't know what I would have done without her.

She has grown up so much since then.  Holy Cow!!!

So Morgan will KILL me for this post.  She was so cute that I just have to write about it.  She has been away at Brighton Girls Camp.  It is a special opportunity for 12 and 13 year old girls. This is sponsored by our Church. (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.)  They go to this camp for a week and have youth counselors who are 19 & 20.  I was invited to go up with the Young Women's President Sister Swenson for a devotional.  The spirit was so strong. It is nestled in the mountains.  These girls come from all over the valley so they meet new friends. They go rock repelling, zip lining, ropes courses, and hiking. They have many spiritual experiences that bring them closer to their Savior and help them understand that trials are important because if you didn't have them then your life would be sitting on the ground useless.  It also taught her that it's OK to rely on a team of others when you need support. While I was there you could feel the love these counselors had for them.  So when I picked her up on Friday morning she just ran to my arms in tears.  I thought something terrible was wrong but through her tears she said "I don't want to come home".  WHAT???  How could she say that? We missed her so much and were so happy to have her home. But really- I was so glad that she felt this way. My heart was full!  I knew that she had been spiritually fed and that she came home knowing who she is. A Daughter of God.  I knew that her faith in Jesus Christ had grown.  There is nothing more rewarding as a parent than to see your children grow spiritually.     

But as these kids cuddled with her she quickly turned her frown into a SMILE. 
This month I have learned that when one child is missing it is noticed by all.