Wednesday, February 18, 2015

summer of baseball

We thought baseball would never end this summer.  I am not saying I didn't like it because I LOVE BASEBALL.  I guess it is just part of my childhood growing up as the only girl with 3 brothers.  Prestons little Brighton team was such a great group of boys.  
This is a fun age. (8-9 year olds)


The Bass Family Pond said...

Let the Games begin! I know how much you and Preston love baseball, It's gonna be a Great Spring and Summer ")Glad I got to see some of the action last year, he is quite the ball player, loved getting to watch him play a little. ")

The Bass Family Pond said...

So, I've been thinking about my friend in Utah and wanted to see her Sweet face so I got on here to look at you ")It's been 8 months since you have been on here which is just about how long it's been since I saw my friend, at least it will be when I see her again. Gosh, I miss you :(